Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Officers 2017

Installation of Ladies Auxiliary Officers

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George Brent 2018 College Scholarship Program

George Brent Council is pleased to announce its 2018 College Scholarship program.  Please see the News & Announcements Section for details



 Message from the Grand Knight




Dear Brothers:
The Virginia Knights of Columbus held their Mid-Year meeting in Fairfax, Virginia on Saturday January 13, 2018. One of the topics discussed was Online Membership previously known as 0-Degree membership, or e-membership. The online Membership will be offered in Virginia as a pilot program starting Tuesday January 15, 2018.  The requirements for online membership are: the new member must be a male, 18 years old and he must be a practical Catholic.

The online member will pay $30 per year and receive a membership card.  The online member will receive benefits of membership which will include a subscription to Columbia magazine, opportunity to purchase the Knights of Columbus insurance and will be allowed to attend council meetings.


Councils will be advised of online members in their area so the online member can be recruited to become a council member of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degrees.  You may have some questions.  As this is a pilot program, I am sure more information will follow.


Since the last newsletter, we have been very busy working hard and having fun. I would like to thank the Council for voting to purchase Coats for Kids in the Manassas Area.  I would like to thank Agnes Aleksy & her angels for hosing 2 funeral receptions in 2 weeks.  Offering a great big thank you to the Benedictine Sisters of Linton Hall for donating the Redskin tickets to the George Brent Council brother Knights. The recipients of the Redskin tickets from the Sisters were the family of PGK Jim Sojka for the December 17 game and the family of the Worthy Warden, Billy Bolton for the December 24, 2017 game.

I would like to thank Brother Justin Rackowski and his wife Mary Ann for Chairing the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest.  I would also like to thank PGK Tom Bowmaster for chairing the judging of the poster contest.  The winners were:

Ages 5-7 1st Place - Avila Mantooth 2nd Place - Jennifer Baughman 3rd Place - Cecilia Duran
Ages 8-10 1st Place - Amelia Webb 2nd Place - Orla Haggerty 3rd Place - Sarah Rennolds
Ages 11-14  1st Place - Chloe Davies 2nd Place - Margaret Horan 3rd Place - Christina Santiago


This contest would not have been possible without the assistance and encouragement of All Saints Catholic Church and the School!  We thank Father Lee Roos, the All Saints Catholic School Principal, Dave Conroy and the Art teacher Ms. Blair for allowing their students to participate in the contest.


John Masarick

Grand Knight



Message from the Deputy Grand Knight

 A Blessed and Spiritually Profound Lent to You All


Lent is nearly upon us as we start the season on Ash Wednesday, February 14, I look forward to this time of the Liturgical Year as it provides a time of reflection and to grow deeper in our relationship with our Lord. I pray for all of us that this Lent becomes that time of reflection and closeness with our


The Church has dedicated the Month of February to The Holy Family. The feast days this month include St Brigid of lreland (Feb. 1), St Blaise (Feb.3), St Scholastica (Feb. 10), and St. Valentine of Rome (Feb. 14).


The next "6 Point Meeting" will be at 7:30 on Tuesday, February 20 in the Club Room.  Anyone chairing an event in late FebruaryMarch or April is encouraged to attend this meeting. We can help by getting volunteers,
advertising the event, and answering any questions or concerns of the event chairman. lf you are a chairman of a recent event, please send me your completed "Event Report". If you would like to help with any of our upcoming events, please contact me by e-mail at or at 703-374-7397.

Upcoming George Brent Council dates to keep in mind:

Feb 3: Blood Drive
Feb 14: Ash Wednesday
Feb 17: Pilgrimage to St.John Paul ll Shrine
Feb 16, 23: Lenten Fish Fry

Vivat Jesus!!!


Tom Mehr
Deputy Grand Knight
General Program Director




Knight of the Month - January


I have known this brother Knight since I joined the Council.  This brother joined the Knights in April of 2002. He works Bingo, He was instrumental in the George Brent Council’s participation in the shutdown of the abortion clinic as well as the startup of the free clinic.  This year this brother organized judging the KCIC Poster Contest. He is the golf Coordinator and an important member of the emissions committee. He chairs the program to assist the widows of deceased members, Fraternal Benefits and scholarships. His wife is a member of the George Brent Council Ladies Auxiliary. This brother and his wife are regular workers at Family Breakfast.  He is one of my trusted advisers.


It is my pleasure to present the January 2018 Knight of the Month for the George Brent Council to Brother PGK Tom Bowmaster.



Family of the Month - January


I have known this brother Knight since I joined the Council.  This brother joined the Knights in March of 1984. He works Bingo, and is a caller on Team 3.  He is the first degree team Captain. This year he and his wife chaired the popular Octoberfest event.  His wife is a member of the George Brent Council Ladies Auxiliary and Aggies Angels. They are regular workers at Family Breakfast.  This year he is the General Program Director and one of my trusted friend.


It is my pleasure to select Tom and Mary Jo Mehr as the January 2018 Family of the Month for the George Brent Council.





Bingo Appreciation Award - January


I have known this brother since he joined the Council.  He took his first Degree in April of 2017.    After joining the Council, he started working Bingo. Two weeks ago he attended the Bingo Caller Training and last week he successfully called his first game. He likes to work the Bingo floor.  He is very popular with the Bingo player and workers.  He helps with Family Breakfast as well as setup of the hall for most events.  He is usually there to resetting the hall after an event. This brother and his wife often host the Club room.


It is my pleasure to present the January 2018 Bingo Appreciation Award for the George Brent Council to Brother Santiego Garcia.





Ladies Auxiliary of the George Brent Council


We would like to invite the wives, mothers, mother-in-laws, sisters and daughters (18 or older) to join the Auxiliary.  We support the Knights in their activities and help with the events in the Knights hall.  Dues are only $8.00 a year plus $3.65 (if you wish to contribute to the PKDL) which is passed on to the state organization.  Some of the ladies work the bingo kitchen to get money to donate to charity in the spring.


We are looking for new officers for the 2018-2019 fraternal year.  So hopefully everyone will give this some thought.  We will discuss this more at our February meeting when we set up a nominating committee.


Our January meeting was cancelled due to the weather.  So, I am going to let you know now who was the Lady of the Month.  At our February meeting there will be two given out so that we will be up to date. 


The lady I chose to honor this month is a new member, joining just this year. Some of you may not know her and those that do know her may not even know she is a member.  She has worked all of our blood drives from set up to tear down even before she was old enough to join.  She also works our soccer challenges and the free throw basketball challenges.  She helps with Aggie's Angels when she can, providing she is not in school or taking care of her younger sibling.  Until this year, she was an altar server and was also involved with the Roses.  It is my pleasure to honor this young lady, Michaela Myers, as our Lady of the Month.


Important dates to Remember:                  

Feb.3  Blood Drive 8-1:30

Feb. 9 Set up Valentines Dinner/Dance

Feb. 10 Valentines Dinner/Dance

Feb. 12 Ladies Meeting

Feb. 17 Pilgrimage St. Paul Shrine

Feb. 18 Family Breakfast


Every Tuesday – Rosary in Club Room  7:00


Bingo Kitchen Schedule:

Thurs. Feb. 8 - Carol S.,  Audreenia D., Janet M.

Sun. Feb. 18 -  Sue M., Tuxa S., Mary Ann R., Carol S.

Thurs. Feb. 22 – Judy A., Nancy S., Ellie D., Gloria P. 

Sun. Feb. 25 – Tuxa S., Sue M., Suzette C., Sandy C.


Ladies, please remember to bring a food item for the Bethany Pantry to our meetings.  Let’s fill those shelves.


Please consider having dinner in the club room on Friday evenings.  It’s a great time to sit and socialize with other members and get to know everyone better while supporting charities.  Meals are yummy and always reasonably priced. 


Widows Program:

Ladies, if you are part of the widows program, please don’t forget to contact you person.  Many of the widows look forward to getting those calls or maybe an occasional card just so they know you are thinking of them.  If you send cards, remember to include your phone number so they can contact you if they need to for any reason.  After you contact your person, please send me an e-mail to let me know you spoke to her.


The next meeting will be on Monday Feb. 12.


Officers for the fraternal year are:

 Sue Masarick, President 703-368-1603

 Tuxa Sousa, Vice President 571-355-9160

 Judy Bolton, Secretary 571-432-8552

 Dawn Myers, Treasurer 703-868-7073

 Suzette Curry, Historian 240-993-6756

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