Council Announcements

We are proud to announce that so far this year 13 members of our Council
have performed 1781 hours of Volunteer Service in our parish and our community.

2019 Dues Assessment  

We have mailed or emailed your 2019 annual dues assessment.  To pay on-line through this web site, go to the "New and Announcements"  section (selection on the left side of this page).  Other options include the mail, drop off at the KCIC table at SEAS, bring to a meeting, or see the Financial Secretary at a Sunday or weekday mass. 


Please consider an additional donation for the Virginia Penny per Knight per Day (PKD) to support seminarians. Also, we are still accepting donations for our annual Food for the Needy program.


If you requested an electronic bill to save the council postage, you will not receive a paper bill.


2018 Service Hours.  Please also provide your estimate the total number of service hours in the Members Only section of this Website.


Food for the Needy - 19 Dec

Food Basket Preparation:  First, we need a few people to load the food and a couple of drivers with trucks or vans to meet at WALMART, 14000 Worth Avenue, Woodbridge, VA 22192  by 11:45AM on December 19th (Wednesday) to pick-up the food and then transport everything to the Parish Hall.  Meet me at the Customer Service Desk INSIDE the store and get further instructions there.  Secondly, at the Parish Hall, from about 12:30PM until 3:00PM there’s a need for additional help to make up the baskets for distribution.  From past experience, do not be late or you will miss all the action!


Food Basket Pick-Up & Distribution:  At 7:00PM and 12/19/18), teachers, Knights and family members are encouraged and needed to stop by the Parish Hall to assist the teachers loading their cars with the food baskets and to pick-up the baskets for delivery to the needy families.  Bring any cart/wagon/hand cart/dolly if you have one to help transport the food from the Hall to the cars.  The Knights will be asked to take any number of baskets as needed.  If you have a basket to deliver, you contact the family to make delivery arrangements as long as the basket is delivered in time for the holiday.  Someone will be at the Hall to provide assistance and answer questions about the delivery process.


The Chair of this event is PGK Hector Dittamo.  If you need more details about this activity or want to assist Hector, please contact him at (703)491-5585 or (Note:  contact by e-mail is preferred).  Hector is primarily assisted by PGK Gary Lee, Les Krogh, and Van Lee.










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Council Business Meeting Schedule

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