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We extend congratulations to Tim Rarick, Alban Meadows and John O'Brien for becoming our newest Sir Knights. They have received the honor to be called "Sir Knight". This Patriotic Degree is especially meaningful to these 2 young men because they are dedicated Warriors, Sir Knight Alban Meadows a former French Legionnaire, and is now a Major in the French Army, with over 25 years of services. He is attached to NATO and waiting to become a Battalion Commander.


Sir Knight, LCDR John O'Brien is a mustang. John also is a veteran of over 25 years. He has commanded boats for Naval Special Warfare and was XO for Assault Craft Unit Four and has just been relieved as Chief of Staff Officer of Naval Beach Group TWO, awaiting next assignment

Thank you for your service.



Thanks to all who attended, who supported, and who worked this event.  It was a great success and it will benefit St. Gregory and our Community.

(Special thanks to Sponsors: Checkered Flag, Tidewater Mortgage and Salazar Insurance. )


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1. Mayflower Marathon

2. Charity Recap for the Council Year- why we give!

3. Knights in Action:St. Gregory School Breakfast with Santa 2018

4. Paying your Annual Dues


December Meeting Minutes are posted and include inspiring words of our Chaplain Fr. John Peck


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