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Council 8240 Committee Pages

Council 8240 also maintains Committee Pages and pages for special functions such as the Lecturer.

You can vist these pages at:

Council 8240's Own Online Store,

We have used for several years now and they set us up with our own Council Web Store.  If you don't mind a daily e-mail, they have some AWESOME specials, like a jacket for the cost of shipping or $10 embroidered ballistic nylon briefcases.  Waiting for a special can be worth it, but coordinate with another Knight because there is often a 4 item minimum.  But for 2 guys - a t-shirt each and a polo shirt each can be a great deal!

KOVAR - Knights of Virginia Assisting People with Intellectual Disabilties (CLICK HERE TO DONATE!)

Virginia Knights have raised more than $12 million since 1971

            For more information:

in assistance for citizens with intellectual disabilities and funded such projects as:

  • Home Loans - interest free loan program to assist in the purchase of group homes
  • Transportation - 20% funding to assist in purchasing vehicles needed to transport persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Group Home Furnishings - Grants of organizations needing to furnish group homes
  • Infant Intervention Programs - Grants to establish early detection programs to identify infants with or at risk of intellectual disability
  • Training Programs - Necessary funding for organizations to train person with intellectual disability to enhance their quality of community living
  • Startup Programs - Grants to establish new and innovative programs designed to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families