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Submitted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 for:
Brother Bill Wilcox

9/12/17: Brother Bill Wilcox continues his treatment for Mantle Cell Lymphoma cancer. He is currently in Houston, TX completing his last of a 5 day Chemo therapy which he will repeat each month for 4 months. During each of these treatments he is hospitalized at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston.
I ask the brothers of our council to keep Brother Bill, his wife Verla and family in their prayers as he works to beat this cancer.
We have so many brothers experiencing health issues, some more serious than others. Please lift one another up in prayer for healing and protection of health

Submitted on Sunday, September 10, 2017 for:
Ted Hand

9/17/17: Brother Ted was at the Knights breakfast today and is recovering from his injury. Please continue to pray for his complete healing.

8/31/17: Asking for your prayers for Ted Hand, the husband of Nancy Hand. Ted Had an MRI done on one of his arms today, and it was discovered that he has a detached tendon.His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, September 5th.There will be a 3-to-6-month recovery period following this surgery. As you know, Nancy is yet recovering from injuries incurred by a climbing accident on July 15th. Please place both Ted and Nancy in your prayers at this time. Thank you very much.

Submitted on Sunday, September 10, 2017 for:
Addison Hand, granddaughter of Ted Hand

Prayers are requested for my granddaughter, Addison Hand, who is having corrective foot surgery today (9/8) at 1400 at Children’s Hospital in Aurora. Addie is severely handicapped, her mother having taken drugs (Depracote) when she was pregnant with Addie so the foot problem is one she was born with but her doctors wanted to wait until she got older to operate on her feet to correct severe bone deformities she was born with.
The procedure will last over 3 hours and she’ll be out of surgery around 1730 this evening. Nancy and I will be at the hospital when she comes out of surgery and goes to the recovery room.

Submitted on Monday, September 4, 2017 for:
Passing of Brother Joe Sparacino

9/17/17: Continue to pray for repose of the soul of our Brother Joe and for God's blessings on his wife Palaua

9/10/17: I receive the following information from Palaua Sparacino regarding Brother Joe's funeral arrangements at LOTW.
Rosary: Thursday, September 14th at 5:30 pm
Funeral Mass: Friday, September 15th at 10:30 am
Reception and luncheon will follow immediately in the parish hall. The family has requested that those of you with classic cars to please bring them to the funeral, there will be special parking set aside. The family is also requesting the Color Corp be present. Contact Color Corp Commanders Tony Ventura or John Jones if you wish to participate.
Again, please pray for the repose of the soul of Brother Joe, his wife Palaua, and the entire Sparacino family.

9/4/17: We received an email from Palaua Sparacino this morning, wife of Brother Joe Sparacino. She informed me that Brother Joe passed away yesterday at 3:30 pm. I will pass along more information once arrangements are finalized. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Brother Joe, his wife Palaua, and the entire Sparacino family.

Submitted on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 for:
Howard Lang

8/17/17: Here is Howard's and Laurie's address, if you would like to mail Howard a get well card as he's recovering from Monday's (8/13) back surgery.
Howard and Laurie Lang
7036 South Miller Court
Littleton, Colorado 80127

Submitted on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 for:
Deris Wolff

8/29/17 PM: Nancy and Ted Hand visited Deris in the hospital today He was in good spirits and doing well. He thought he might go home tonight, but the doctor wants to do one more x-ray on his lungs to confirm that all is OK. If everything checks out, then Deris will go home tomorrow.

8/29/17: We have heard from both Ted Hand and Mike McBride that Deris was in a motorcycle accident up in Conifer. He had to lay the bike down, said hello to the guard rail and now has 3 broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung. He is in St Anthony's, Lakewood, Room 325 but should be going home by tomorrow. Let's keep Deris and Cheryl in our prayers and pray for a speedy recovery.

Submitted on Monday, August 28, 2017 for:
Moira McNeill

8/29/17: Moira is doing much better than she was week ago so I thank you for all your prayers and your concern. Her getting better is a testament to the power of prayer!
Over the course of last week she has seen improvement on a daily basis. As soon as I put her on the prayer list, she began to improve immediately, which I truly believe was the power of prayer and the number of people praying for her. The difference between this Monday and last is night and day. This week she is up and about and acting more like her normal self. There even talk of her returning to work this week (after having missed a month.)
We have scheduled her for MRI's in the coming weeks to make sure there is no lasting damage. I am most grateful for all and ask that you please continue to pray for her full recovery.
May God bless you all and may all your prayers be as incense before the throne of our Most High God.

8/20/17: I ask for your prayers for Moira.
She's been seriously ill for the past three weeks. Since that time she's been lethargic and weak, with no energy and no appetite. In the past week she complained of pressure in her head that was unbearable.
On thursday evening Amy & I took her to the emergency room where they administered a spinal tap to drain 50cc of fluid from her head. By Friday afternoon there was no improvement and went back to the emergency room, where they gave her medication for the pain to get her thru the weekend. She's been pretty much out of it since Friday. Tomorrow Amy and I will take her to a neurologist to see if we can determine what might be the cause.
I ask for your prayers that we might discover the cause and for her complete healing.
Thank you, Sincerely, Craig

Submitted on Monday, August 28, 2017 for:
John Doebley

8/19/17: I am reaching out to you asking that you send messages of encouragement to John via Text or cards. May I ask that you please do not respond to this Email as I would like him to be surprised. He was moved to a Acute Care/Rehabilitation Facility near Swedish Hospital /Englewood this past Friday due to many issues, some of which I have not mentioned in prior emails. We are hopeful that he can return home soon, but he faces many challenges. If you consider visiting John, please text or call me. Your continued prayers and positive thoughts are beyond appreciated.
Thank you,
Judy 303-562-6112
John 303-589-3766
Home address: 2162 South Xavier St., Denver, CO 80219