November 2017

Kevin Corcoran

Kevin worked every Knights project and more in November. He volunteered during both of the build days for the Habitat for Humanity project. He was a great help on both days, he assisted the lunch team during the build days by storing and transporting the tables and equipment for Habitat lunches. Later in the month, he was available three times with his pickup truck to move furniture for our Social Concerns ministry. He made multiple trips to pickup items and move them to a needy family. Kevin doesn’t wait to be asked, he jumps in and helps when he sees a need. He lives and demonstrates the tenets of our order with joy.

October 2017

Thomas Schamper

Tom has been a constant helpful presence to our council during the very busy time to plan and participate in the October 2017 events. Tom supported Andrew Sugan, at our First Degree ceremony as well as planned and helped setup on our first Harvest Festival event. He came out to do signups for blood donations and supported planning for our big event scheduled in April 2018. Tom continues to step up and cheerfully work with his brothers on many council events. He encourages his grown children and their children to come to our council events. He lives the tenets of our order.)

September 2017

Robert Krupskas

Bob was prime mover on our initial fundraiser for the council. He worked with other brothers to accumulate thegrill equipment during the week and set it up for the weekend of grilling. Bob was a champion of our tent, providing encouragement and good cheer to all who worked with him. He came back the following week to cook again and serve over 300 burgers at our parish picnic. He was there at the very end, cleaning and putting away the equipment. Bob embodies the tenants of our order. His enthusiasm makes it fun to work with him on our worthy goals.


November 2017

Porbeni Family

The Porbeni family has been chosen as the Knights Family of the month in November. Charles Porbeni is a new Knight to our order and has been a steadfast volunteer in our organization. Charles supported our November build with Habitat For Humanity. He is an active member in the Knights. His family is faith filled. The mother, Anita, and daughter, Zara, sing in the choirs and the two boys, Zane and Karol, are altar servers and Boy Scouts. Karol is also in the handbell choir. Charles and his family attend church together when not serving at Mass.

October 2017

Dr Iwan and Dr Dewi Santoso + Family

Iwan, and Dewi are active members of our parish. Iwan and Dewi are ministers of hospitality. Veronica was in handbell choir and both children were also ministers of hospitality before they went away to college. Iwan and Veronica supported our first Harvest Festival on October 14 by purchasing the materials for the dinner and preparing the dinner for over 90 guests. This was a great community building event for the Knights council. Iwan is an active member in our council. He supported the blood drive in October and Dewi (a doctor) is also active with the Health ministry at church. They were active for the blood drive.

September 2017

John and Jeanette Wiegartner

Congratulations John and Jeanette Wiegartner for being selected as Knights of Columbus Family of the Month John and Jeanette are faithful parishioners of Queenship of Mary parish. John is an active Knight and helped out on planning our recent events (even despite a recent hospitalization). He is getting better! Both Jeanette and John are Eucharistic Ministers and are active visiting the sick of our community. Jeanette is a ringer in the handbell choir. They are both faith-filled people that their warmth is so welcoming to visitors and friends.