July 2015

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November 2013

Randy Shannon

Randy has been a welcome addition to our council. Randy became an Knight in New York in 1992 and was very active in his council. Randy found us when he moved to Maryland. Randy shows up to every event he can possibly make and willingly gives of his time, talent and service and asks for no accolades. We are so happy that the Lord sent Randy to us and that we have come to know a wonderful Brother Knight!

October 2013

Dominic Ondoro

Dominic is pictured here on the left with our Warden, Steve Pope. Dominic Ondoro is a native of Kenya who has been here on assignment from his country working at NIST for the past 8 months. Dominic sought out the Knights to become a member and became a member on June 20, 2013. Since then, he has take both his second and third degree exemplifications as well! Dominic immediately began serving and helped out on almost every council activity we had! Dominc returns home to his loving family in December and, while they will be glad to see him, we will be quite sad to see him go! You are a great brother and a great knight, Dominic!

September 2013

Ty Larson

Ty Larson worked countless hours on the Fiesta starting all the way back in May. Ty was responsible for all the set up, clean up, ordering of all the equipment needed for the Fiesta. Thanks for all your hard work, Ty! Ty also serves as Treasurer for the council and organized a wonderful event for the council, the Council PIcnic and hike, held on September 14th. Thanks for bringing this event back to the council. Join us in saluting Ty Larson for all of his hard work!

August 2013

Steve Pope

Steve Pope served our Council very well as Financial Secretary and has done a stellar job during the transition to help Dan Millavec ease into the job of Financial Secretary! Thanks for your service as Financial Secretary and thanks for the smooth transtion! Good luck in your duties as Warden this year!


July 2015

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November 2013

The Au Family

The council is so indebted to the Au Family for all they do for St. Rose of Lima Church. Andy runs our weekly Hospitality Program at the Church, which not only supports the council economically, but also provides fellowship for the parish. Andy always gives the glory to his teams for all their hard work, but never takes any accolades. Andy also serves as an altar server and sacristan for the church. His family is always working for the church, our priests and former pastor. Thanks to Andy, Shirley, Andrew and Linda for being such a witness of service to our Church!

October 2013

The Fry Family

John and Kathy Fry have been chosen as or Family of the Month for October. John is the Chancellor of our council and serves as the Culture of Life Chairman. He and Kathy also head up the St. Rose of Lima Parish Respect Life Committee and work tirelessly to promote the culture of life in our parish and community. They organized the 40 days for life campaign for St. Rose and spent many hours in prayer at the abortion clinic in Germantown. John also shows up to any event he can make if he is in town. Thanks to John and Kathy for all they do to make our world a better place!

October 2013

The Coppola Family

The Coppola's do a tremendous amount of work for our parish. Dean and Penny work tirelessly on our annual parish Fiesta. Fiesta is not only a community and parish social event, but it has become a very important fund raiser for our parish. We raise about $30,000 annually for the parish at the Fiesta. Two of the main fundraising events are the silent auction and live auction, both of which are run by Penny and Dean. They work countless hours collecting donations from merchant's, wrapping gift baskets for the silent auction. The final week, after 6 months of hard work, does not afford them much sleep. They are also wonderful examples of Christian living to their two children.

August 2013

The Millavec Family

Dan and Sandy Millavec do so much for St. Rose and they do it so unassumingly. Both Dan and Sandy work tirelessly at the Fiesta. Sandy helps to run our very successful Book Nook and Dan is by her side and he is also the Finance Director for Fiesta. Dan has run for years our very successful Christmas Tree Fundraiser at St. Rose. Dan has also stepped up and become our Financial Secretary. Dan and Sandy are always there to help when you need them and never have to be asked! Thanks Dan and Sandy for all you do at St. Rose of Lima Parish!

July 2013

The Lynch Family

St. Rose of Lima Council would like to thank the Lynch family for their tireless dedication to our Council, Archbishop Sheen Assembly, the Archdiocese of Washington District and Calvert Province. Mike served as Grand Knight this past year and as a Catechist in the parish. Mikayla served on the altar as server and Morgan will soon follow in her footsteps. The girls are at every Knights' event and it just would not be the same without their smiling faces!