February 2017

Andrew Sabala

Brother Andrew Sabala was recognized as February 2017 Knight of The Month. Brother Andrew is an inspiration to all Brother Knights of Council 4581 because he has discovered a way to balance both is "family" life and his contributions to Council 4581. Thank you Brother Andrew for showing us the way.

January 2017

James Hughes

Our Brother James Hughes was recognized as January 2017 Knight of The Month. Brother James experienced the loss of his son, James Hughes, Jr. in the beginning of 2017. We would have understood if Brother James decided to take time away from the council to grieve the loss of his son. But Brother James did the opposite. He found comfort in the Brotherhood and in turn inspired many of us. Thank you Brother James for showing us inner strength and the strength of the Brotherhood.

December 2016

Roy English

Our Council's Worthy Treasurer and Past Grand Knight, Roy English, was recognized as December 2016 Knight Of The Month. Our Heavenly Father tells us to "honor our father and mother" and Brother Roy demonstrates this on a constant basis. Mr. English's health has been poor recently and Brother Roy has been there taking care of him. Yet, Brother Roy still finds the time to send out email reminders to the Council about upcoming events and fulfilling his obligation as Worthy Treasurer. Thank you Brother Roy for being a great example to us.

November 2016

Joe Robelo

(L to R): WGK Juan Quezada and Retention Director (Brother) Joe Rebelo. Brother Joe was recognized as November 2016 Knight Of The Month. Brother Joe shows us how to answer our Lord's call to Charity. Brother Joe travels often to Portugal to take care of his mother. In November 2016, Brother Joe (and Lady Helen, his wife) donated money to purchase much needed garments for the altar servers in his childhood parish in Portugal. Brother Joe offered the thoughtful gift to the parish in the name of Garden Grove Council 4581.

October 2016

Ray Carmona

(L to R): Worthy Warden Ray Carmona and WGK Juan Quezada. Brother Ray was recognized as October 2016 Knight Of The Month. Brother Ray is an inspiration to all of our Council Brothers. He shows us what "commitment" means by being there at our events, meetings or helping a brother move furniture with his truck all while helping his wife (Lady Frankie) take care of her ailing mother. Thank you Brother Ray for being a great role model to us and for being Frankie's "Knight in shining armor"!

September 2016

Frank Steinhoff

Brother Frank is the epitome of loyalty and devotion…an inspiration to all especially our Brothers of Council 4581. Brother Frank every Sunday…took the Holy Eucharist home to his sick wife. He never missed a mass. He attended every business and council meeting sharing his time as our Worthy Chancellor and as caregiver to his ailing wife. For his example, we honor Brother Frank – September 2016 Knight of the Month. Rest in Peace Evelyn Steinhoff (September 17, 2016).

August 2016

David Houston

(L to R): Inside Guard David Houston and WGK Juan Quezada. Brother David Houston was recognized as August 2016 Knight Of The Month because of his recruitment skills. Brother David recruited (3) new members to join Council 4581 in August 2016. He already has his eyes set on recruiting two more new members. Great job Brother David...and thank you!

July 2016

John Hamtil

(L to R): WDGK John Hamtil and Retention Director Joe Rebelo. Our WDGK John Hamtil was recognized as July 2016 Knight Of The Month because of his great planning and leadership to make the 1st Annual St. Columban Summertime BBQ Series a success!


January 2017

The Carmona Family

The Carmona Family (Brother Ray and Lady Frankie) were awarded the Family of the Month for the period of November 2016 to January 2017. If you need anything...Ray and Frankie are there! If you need a place to hold an event...they are the first to offer their home. If you need help to set-up or clean-up, Ray and Frankie are there! More importantly, they inspire us with their love and respect for one another.

October 2016

The Green Family

The Green Family (Brother Duane & son David) were awarded the Family of the Month for the period of August 2016 to October 2016. Brother Duane and David showed us what TEAMWORK is all about...and showed us the importance of family. David, thank you for helping the Council. Brother Duane, thank you for inspiring us to be good fathers!