May 2018

Franklin Crispi

Thanks Franko for stepping up and offering your service as Chancellor and for accepting a position as 2-Year Trustee. It's great to have young, new members take an active role in the activities of the council.

April 2018

Keith Connor

Congratulations Keith, PKG, and thanks for your contributions as trustee and valued member of Bishop Sebastian council.

March 2018

Jose Guzman

Congratulations Jose for your work with the youth in our council, St. Ursula, and surrounding community. Your efforts and dedication as Youth Director exemplify the spirit of our founder, Michael J. McGivney and the Knights of Columbus.

February 2018

Steve McKenzie

Congratulations Steve for being an outstanding Treasurer and brother Knight. Your hard work and dedication to the council and church are greatly appreciated.

October 2017

Michael Mank

Congratulations Michael and thanks for being an outstanding Membership Director. Your dedication to membership recruitment and your service to St. Clare and other area churches is much appreciated.

September 2017

William Keenan

Congratulations Will for your service as Grand Knight and for earning the distinguished Star Council award for the council. Keep up the good work!

August 2017

Martin Keenan

Congratulations Martin and best wishes for continued service and success as a new 4th Degree Knight!

July 2017

Dave & Ricky Gnibus

Congratulations Dave and Ricky and thanks for your service to the council and to the Columbian Club. It's a pleasure having such dedicated, warm, and friendly knights in "The Friendly Council".

August 2016

Thomas Stevenson Sr.

Congratulations Thom for chairing and hosting some major family events for the month of August.

July 2016

Stephen Radziminski

Congratulations Brother Stephen.

December 2014

Deacon Jack Martin

Congratulations Deacon Jack !

November 2014

Tom Stevenson, Sr.

Congratulations Thom !

October 2014

William Keenan

Congratulations Will !

September 2014

Michael Mank

Congratulations Mike !

August 2014

Michael Colbourne

Congratulations Michael !

July 2014

Ray Cilento

Congratulations Ray !

June 2014

David Snyder

Congratulations Dave !

May 2014

Robert Gilson

Congratulations Bob for your good works as chairman of Church Activities !

April 2014

Ralph Close

Congratulations Ralph !

March 2014

Robert Pahr, Jr.

Congratulations for all your good works as chairman of the "Culture of Life" Committee !

February 2014

Michael Marzullo

Congratulations Mike !

January 2014

Ray Cilento

Congratulations Ray !

December 2013

Robert Pahr, III

For a job well done as chairman of the adult Christmas Party

November 2013

Michael Colbourne

Congratulations Michael !

October 2013

Michael Mank

Congratulations Mike !

September 2013

Tom Stevenson, Sr.

Congratulations Tom !

August 2013

Edward Farrell

Congratulations Ed !


June 2017

David and Karen Jenkins

Congratulations Dave and Karen!

May 2017

Heidi and John Meyers

Congratulations John and Heidi!

April 2017

Laura Weatherington and Dan Weyandt

March 2017

Michael and Christine Moscato

Congratulation Mike and Christine!

February 2017

Chad and Shannon Schoelkopf

Congratulations Chad and Shannon!

January 2017

Pat & Bernie Schmidt

Congratulations Pat & Bernie for all your hard work in raising funds for the physically and mentally handicapped.

December 2016

Patrick and Anastasia Chachulski

Congratulations Patrick & Anastasia for your special service and commitment to St. Isaac Jogues parish. We miss you at the council affairs.

November 2016

Alfred and Karen D'Agastino

Congratulations Alfred & Karen!

October 2016

Darwin and Tanya Ray

Congratulations Darwin & Tanya!

September 2016

PGK Robert Pahr Jr. and Doris Pahr

Congratulations Bob & Doris for your many years service to the council and to St. Ursula parish.

August 2016

Patrick and Emily Cullen

Congratulations Pat & Emily!

July 2016

Ron and Alicia Fales

Congratulations Ron & Alicia!

February 2016

Stephen and Peggy Radziminski

Congratulations Steve & Peggy!

January 2016

Deacon Mike and Annette Baxter

Congratulations Mike & Annette!

December 2015

Pablo and Jacqueline Sanz

Congratulations Pablo & Jacky!

November 2015

John and Debbie Schiavone

Congratulations John & Debbie!

October 2015

Steve and Sandy Smith

Congratulations Steve & Sandy!

September 2015

John S. and Jackie Gray

Congratulations John & Jackie!

August 2015

Bill Snyder Sr. & Family

Congratulations Bill Sr., Bill Jr., David, Angie & Shawn . Your service to the council and St. Isaac Jogues parish is extraordinary and much appreciated.

July 2015

Andy and Debbie Cook

Congratulations new Grand Knight Andy Cook and lovely wife Debbie for all your service to the church and community. We look forward to your leadership and guidance during the new 2015/2016 fraternal year.

June 2015

Stephen and Stephanie Shock

Congratulations Steve and Stephanie!

May 2015

Robert and Bernadine Miller

Congratulations Bob and Bernadine!

April 2015

Bruno and Helen Commodari

Congratulations Bruno and Helen!

March 2015

Paul and Carolyn Budny

Congratulations Paul and Carolyn!

February 2015

Anibal and Carol Gonzalez

Congratulations Anibal and Carol!

January 2015

John and Barbara Ward

Congratulations John and Barb!

December 2014

Jack and Pat Martin

Congratulations Deacon Jack and Pat!

November 2014

Jay and Katrina Heath

Congratulations Jay and Katrina!

October 2014

Eric and Elisa Fosler

Congratulations Eric and Elisa and thank you for all your service to St. Ursula and the council.

September 2014

Paul and Jessica Virgilio

Congratulations Paul and Jessica!

August 2014

Thom and Tracy Stevenson, Jr.

Congratulations Thom & Tracy.

July 2014

Keith and Karen Connor

Congratulations Keith and Karen and thanks for all your service to the council.

June 2014

David and Mary Jo Keenan

Congratulations David & Mary Jo !

May 2014

Barry and Iris Lepley

Congratulations Barry & Iris !

April 2014

Joseph and Elizabeth Reed

Congratulations Joe & Liz !

March 2014

Ralph and Anna Lee Close

Congratulations Ralph & Anna Lee !

February 2014

Eric and Jenn Estrada

Congratulations Eric & Jenn !

January 2014

Patrick and Anastasia Chachulski

Congratulations Pat & Anastasia !

December 2013

Ray and Lavona Cilento

Congratulations Ray & Lavona !

November 2013

Michael and Jeanine Colbourne

Congratulations Michael & Jeanine !

October 2013

Brad and Betty Letterman

Congratulations Brad & Betty !

September 2013

Mike and Rosemary Mank

Congratulations Mike & Rosemary !

August 2013

Thom and Pat Stevenson, Sr.

Congratulations Thom & Pat !

July 2013

Earnest & Beatrice Milele

Congratulations Ernest & Beatrice !