Council #4011 Round Table

4011 Knights of Columbus Parish Roundtable

What is the Parish Roundtable?

Because not every parish has its own Knights of Columbus council, the Parish Roundtable Program was developed as a way of establishing the Knights of Columbus presence in every parish.  A Parish Roundtable is comprised solely of Knights.  All members of the Knights of Columbus are member of their parish’s roundtable.  There are no regular meetings, no additional dues, or elected officials.  The only position is an appointed coordinator, Dan Flannery, whose job it is to communicate with the parish priests, receive his direction and manage the efforts of the Parish Roundtable.

The Difference a Parish Roundtable can make…

 There are many benefits in establishing a Parish Roundtable for the parish, its priest, and member Knights.  Having a roundtable creates a unique and effective support structure within the parish.  Benefits for local councils and its members are also evident.  Through personal service to our respective parishes, the Order can truly fulfill its commitment to serving the Catholic Church, as well as our communities.  Finally, as Knights, being active in our own parishes helps strengthen our personal faith and often helps create a better place for our families to grow theirs.

If you’re interested in establishing a presence at your parish, please see Brother Dan Flannery.