Council #6481 Round Table

SK Jim Chengary

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Round Table Knights: SK Dennis Gawlik, SK Stephen Abbott, SK Simon Beck, SK Paul Birch, SK Natale Cale, SK Joe Corrigan, SK Dan DeGregorio, SK Rudy Faulhaber, SK Joe Florey, SK Bob Gniech, SK Gary Grabarczyk,SK Jack Hadfield, SK Ed Janak, SK Leo Keiffer, SK Rev. Gearld Meyer, SK Jim Murphy, Robert O'Shaughnessy, SK Tom Shelven, SK Wesley Zoltowski, Ken Behrens, James Brady, Giuseppe Caputo, Michael Caputo, Natale Caputo, Bernard Cassiere, Peter DeGregorio, Michael Fabbri, Robert Fitzgerald, Paul Folino, Don Hand, Joseph Joyce Sr., Joseph Joynce Jr., Thomas Kinasz, Joe Ksandr, Mitchel Lelito, Brendan McAleer, David McKissack, Timoth Nemmer, Daniel Palonpon, Kevin Prior, Louis Sparboro, Dave Schuster, Erick Tefel.

Pastor: Rev. James Presta     Assoc Pastor: Rev. Rafal Stecz                           Parish Page      Parish Staff

St. Emily De Rodat - Her Story

Emily was born in 1787 at Rodez, France.  She was educated at Villefranche, became a teacher at the age of 18 and, realizing that many of the children of the poor were not going to school because they could not afford to, she opened a school for them and taught without charge.

SK Rob Glowacki

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Round Table Knights:  SK Dan Burkhard, SK Jack Baggot, SK Ed Higginson, SK John Junius Jr., Lou Coco, Dan Conlan, Jonn Connelly, John Dolan, John Dunn Jr., Francisco Galliano, John Heidkamp, Richard Krumtinger,  Brain Maye, Walter Szcymzak, Thomas Thomas, Mark Vottero.

Pastor: Rev. Ed Panek     Assoc. Pastor: Rev. Gilbert Mashurano                      Parish Page     Parish Staff

St. Raymond De Penafort - His Story

Saint Raymond of Peñafort was a lawyer who used his talents to both compile legislation for easy access and to write legal treatises on penance for the use of confessors. He was named the Archbishop of Tarragona, but resigned due to sickness within two years. He lived to be 100.

SK Ronald W Boucher

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St. Cecilia - Her Story

Although there is little historical evidence concerning the life of Saint Cecilia, she is one of the famous martyrs of the Church in Rome. She is mentioned in the list of saints in the first Eucharistic Prayer--Roman Canon. Cecilia is often depicted playing an organ.

SK Mike Hoban, PGK

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St. Thomas Becket - His Story

December 29. Saint Thomas Becket, the well-known archbishop of Canterbury, England, is a saint with a checkered past. As depicted in the movie "Becket," Thomas did not at first take his responsibilities as a deacon seriously, but when King Henry II tried to use his friend’s lukewarm devotion to his advantage, he found a converted cleric who was a worthy match for any king.

SK Gary St. Onge

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St. Alphonsus Liguori - His Story

Saint Alphonsus Liguori was a great moral theologian as well as the founder of the Redemptorists. He wrote in the areas of spirituality and doctrine to the edification of his diocese and others. He also suffered at the hands of some Redemptorists who betrayed his dream. Even the saints have difficulties in this life.

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