Council Safe Environment Center

Vincent P Alonzo


If there are no local schedule entries for our council listed below, then you can visit the Diocese of Dallas Family of Faith Class Schedule for other classes in the Diocese:

Diocese of Dallas Family of Faith Class Schedule

If you are a Council #11293 member, and have completed your SE Training and it is not yet reflected on our site, then click on the EMAIL ME button above for Vincent Alonzo, and send him a copy of your completed course.
Thank You.

Additional Information:

Safe Environment Mission

SE Screening Process


Safe Environment Training Schedule

Class Name Start Date Location/Contact Class Schedule
Safe Environment Training for New Volunteer (18+) and Recertification 2/10/2018 St Jude / Peggy Runnels

Lecture Hall

Contact Phone:
972-727-1177 ext2210
9:00am Lecture Hall on 2/10/2018