"Henry Angelucci’s dedication to serving the needs of the knights is exemplary. Unlike that of most agents one encounters from other insurance companies, Henry's motivation is on service as opposed to making a fast sale. No high pressure sales, no intimidation. If you take the time to go over your insurance program and needs with him, you will also be pleased.
In my dealings with Henry he was first attentive to my insurance needs and provided very good solutions. He is always well-prepared and always very pleasant. My wife and I are pleased with the products and the service of the Knights of Columbus insurance."

Frank Austin, Council #12004

Henry Angelucci is a special kind of person. When he meets with you to go over your insurance needs, he is not there as a salesman he is thee as a brother knight. He really does have your best interest in mind. He works diligently to get you the coverage YOU need at the best price. No high pressure sales pitch. Just an honest assessment of your insurance needs. Remember when you meet with Henry you are first and foremost meeting with a brother knight.
Michael Murphy DGK, Council #3756

"Henry has taken care of all of my retirement finances,
insurance needs and explained the tax advantages related to these issues.
Henry is very polite, he is always on time, he explained all the details of my financial needs, and is always available for questions.
He comes prepared with all necessary forms and explains in great detail what needs to be done and by when.
I would highly recommend Henry to anyone for their insurance and retirement needs. He did a great job for me. Thanks Henry."

Michael Narcowich, Council #3756

"Knowing Henry for several years now, I can without a doubt say he lives his life as a true Knight of Columbus, embodying the values of both the Catholic church and Order. Henry filled the needs of our council in many ways, notably as a Knight of Columbus Insurance Field agent.
Unlike commercial insurance agents, Henry prioritizes the needs of his brother knights to ensure they are properly represented, and he takes this responsibility very serious.
In addition to his work as Insurance agent, Henry has been an absolute integral part of Council 6213's success. He has served as Council Officer, Charity Golf Tournament Organizer, Degree Team Participant, Membership Drive Co-chairman, as well as active in almost every Council fundraiser event.
Without Henry, Council 6213 would not have achieved Star Council Status for 2012-13. As a brother Knight and personal friend, I wholeheartedly thank Henry for all he does for the Knights of Columbus!"

Matt Mazur PGK, Council #6213

Dear Brother Knights,
As you know the are many benefits as a Knight of Columbus. The Fraternal and Charitable values help build a Council to achieve new heights. Through my years as a Knight I never realized the hidden insurance value of being a Knight of Columbus. You always here of Father McGiveny's legacy and his association to the insurance programs in time of need. Not until recently did I come to learn of this value. For all the years I have been a Knight we never had a field agent to call upon. Now that Henry has joined our area and has made himself very accessible to our family did we truly understand the value of the programs we are blessed with. I can personally relate that the Knights programs are the highest rated in the country. I can also state that Long Term Care programs are the best around. Welcome Henry into your family and listen with the caring ear of how you can provide and protect your family of today and tomorrow.
Do not miss this opportunity.

Vito Pulito GK, Council #7000

"I am glad you are Council #6213's District Insurance Agent. We have been without a continuous insurance agent for years. Since you took over it has been a delight, you are a conscientious agent willing to help Brother Knights and their families.
We know as an agent your job is to insure our members and their families; but you are an exemplary agent, you also help members with their policies with other companies already in effect. We Brother Knights should help you as you have helped so many of us.
Thank you for helping me with my insurance wants & needs.
Your participation on our First Degree Team is impeccable.
If you were not our Insurance Agent for the district, I would have gladly recommended you for the Grand Knight position in our council.
Thanks again for all you do for the Knights of Columbus and keeping our founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney's hopes & dreams alive, through the KofC Insurance Programs."

Bob Lecato GK, Council #6213

"At first, I was a little reluctant to sit down with Henry, but as a Brother Knight, I wanted to give him the common courtesy. I had already been familiar with term & whole life insurance, but I was not familiar with the single premium whole life policy that he explained to me.
Upon approval, it is a single payment with a 50% increase in value which continues to grow year after year and will be payable tax free directly to my grandsons. I'm retired and this seemed appropriate to add to my estate value and benefit my grand children's future education. That's why this appealed to me. If I had not met with Henry, I would have never have know about this product and my grandsons would be getting much less and their inheritance would be taxable, now it it tax free. Thank you Henry, well done..."

Dave McMahon, Council #7000