Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,


I am humbled to address my brother knights of Saskatchewan in the first newsletter of the 2018-2019 Columbian year.


What a privilege it is to be a knight- part of a tremendous group of caring, compassionate and committed men who stand ready to support our clergy and vocations, who raise their voice in support of life, who help those in need and are there to support one another.


You are those men- Let’s continue to be those men not only in words but also by our actions. We are judged not by what we say, but by what we do.
Many of us have been elected or appointed to guide the destiny of the State Council, of a Dis-trict or of a Council, and many of us serve our parishes by assisting in the membership and program activities in our councils.


Through our commitment, perseverance and dedication to the order and a desire to serve and fully fulfill our responsibility, as leaders and as active knights, we can build a strong and bright future for our jurisdiction and for our councils.


How are we going to accomplish this task and achieve all the goals of our strategic plan?

  1. We will get more councils and more knights recruitment active.
  2. We will make some changes which include promoting Online membership particularly in Northern Sask, implementing the New Faith in Action Program Model, working on Ethnic Diversity Initiatives, emphasizing Leadership Development and Training, and working more closely with our Clergy, with our Agency and with the Charitable Foundation.
  3. We will support the strong brand image initiated by Supreme so that everyone knows exactly who the knights are and what they stand for.
  4. Another goal is to target younger men and also various cultural groups.
  5. Our programs will be more family friendly.
  6. Retention, recruitment and member engagement will be a top priority by reaching out to these men.
  7. The new Faith in Action Program will focus on Spirituality and Faith Formation.
  8. We will continue to foster a strong relationship with our bishops and priests.
  9. Membership Activities will focus on recruitment best practices, and
  10. We will get our talk track right.

The Knights of Columbus have a proud history of service, of charity and of protecting families through the Insurance Program.

Last year, the Knights of Columbus gave 185 million dollars to charitable causes and donated 75.6 million hours of charitable service.

It’s not numbers alone---It’s lives changed. We will ask councils to do more—not just for the numbers, but for the thousands of lives.

Whether it is giving a kid a coat; or a wheelchair to give someone mobility; or meals on wheels; or visits to shut ins or food for families---it is one individual making life better for another individual.


In the opening line of Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), His Holiness Pope Francis invites “Christians, every-where, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ”.

We are all called to a renewed personal invitation to live out the calling of our faith, the call to service of our neighbor, and to answer the age old question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The answer to the question is, “Yes.” More than ever before, the knights are called to service to assist the church, our youth, families, and our communities.

This year, Supreme Council has launched a new service program called Faith in Action. This new model allows us to come together to share our faith, to celebrate fraternity with our families, and to do what we do best—stand shoulder to shoulder in service to our church, to our community and to defend Life at all stages and in every condition.

I encourage you as leaders to encourage councils to conduct well-run programs, so that we can continue the work of our Founder, Father McGivney, by assisting people in need, strengthening the bond that unites our members, and continuing to build the domestic church.

As leaders, we are all called to be the “Salt and Light” in our parishes and communities. Our good work can shine for all to see.

Just as salt has a positive influence on the taste of food, we can be a positive influence on our membership and within our parishes.

We can be the shining light for those around us who will see our good works and in this way, we can evangelize others to become involved in their faith, in their church and also in the Knights of Columbus.

We are about building Catholicism, not just Columbianism. We are really agents for building Catholicism by being witnesses, evangelizers and missionary disciples. We are about putting our Faith into action which brings value to people’s lives.

There are a few things which I am asking you to consider to do this coming year.

  1. Be the shining light of Christ in your council and community. Leaders in our Jurisdiction which includes the State Officers, the DDs, the State Program Directors and Chairmen, the Agency, the Charitable Foundation Members, the Fourth Degree, the Grand Knights, the Council Chaplains, and the Financial Secretaries equal close to 600 leaders—that is 600 brightly shining lights that guide the destiny of our Order in Sask. and serve as a model and example and light the way for others to emulate.
  2. Ask a friend, a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor, or a parishioner to join the Knights of Columbus to continue the legacy of our Founder Father McGivney.
  3. Attend a faith formation program this year.—the Spiritual Enrichment weekend in Saskatoon at the end of March is shaping up to be a great spiritual event.
  4. Support and promote our Knights of Columbus Insurance Program. Invite the Agents to your program events, to your meetings and to your recruitment drives. Promote the Fact that the earnings of the Knights of Columbus Insurance are used to help many Charitable causes, so by buying and promoting Knights of Columbus Insurance, Knights are also practicing the First Principle of our Order, CHARITY.
  5. Make a personal donation and promote council fundraising for the Vocations Endowment Fund. If we say we support our bishops and priests, then we need to show this through our actions.


In the months ahead, I look forward to working with you to attain our jurisdiction goals and council goals for the year. We look forward to visit many councils, to renew friendships and to assist you in any way. All you need to do is ask me or one of our State Officers who will be happy to assist.


In closing, let us continue the good works built on the foundation of our predecessors and continue to be the future shining lights to those around us.

Vivat Jesus,
Chris Bencharski,
State Deputy of Saskatchewan

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