Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus is a family of Councils sharing love, joy and hope
APRIL 2018
Christ Is Risen!!!!
Indeed He is Risen!!!!

We have just celebrated the most holy event of our faith. The Jesus Event. The life, death and Resurrection of Jesus. How wonderful life is, knowing that Jesus saved us. We still have lots of hard work to do to complete our lives and enter the Kingdom, but the hard work is done. And the formula is simple. All we need to do is Love our God and Love our neighbours.


I love the Easter Vigil. One of the highlights that I typically recall many times throughout the year is the lighting of the candles. For a long period of time at the beginning of the Vigil we celebrate in darkness, reflecting on the readings that describe how, without God, we wander through life aimlessly. Then beginning with just one spark – one light – one candle – Jesus – spreading from one person to the next, we light up the world.


That is our calling. To Witness Jesus, to be like Jesus and light up the earth. One soul at a time. In ourselves, in our families, in our parishes, in our communities. We celebrate with joy and gladdened hearts as we see the fruits of our own individual effort and we joyfully invite others to join with us in making this world the best it can be, according to God’s holy design.


Today the last supper, which begins the Triduum, is the central point of our daily Mass/Liturgy. We celebrate the consecration of bread and wine into His body and blood weekly (and more). We remember His sacrifice for us and share in the mystery, guiding our lives to be the best the men, women and families that we can be, according to God’s holy design.


Yes we are human – we have our frailties and we slip and fall. We sin. But God loves us even more than we love Him. When we seek Him out and ask for his forgiveness, He will be merciful and compassionate and save us.


The Jesus Event is our faith. It is our hope that our lives will lead to Heaven. Our hope that after we spend our time on earth being people of goodwill, being like Jesus, loving God and our neighbours, we will be rewarded with an eternal life full of glory.


How fitting it is that just shortly after Easter we Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus hold our State Convention. This year it is in Yorkton, April 20 - 22. The local Knights from Yorkton, Ituna, Melville and Kamsack have been working hard preparing for your arrival. They are excited to welcome you for the weekend where we will be DOMESTIC CHURCH – INSPIRING MISSIONARY DISCIPLES!!!!!! We will be family and we will joyfully celebrate living and reliving the Jesus Event.
March 31st represents the end of the first 9 months of this fraternal year. Just 3 months left for us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves as we began the year. We know that many Councils have conducted a new-to-them program which has breathed excitement into the Council. We know that may Councils have been raising their visibility in the Par-ish and community. We know many Councils have been developing and strengthening the relationship with their local Priests and are Building the Domestic Church through many different programs and events.


We also know that many Councils have been inviting new members to join them in the good work they are doing. New members are the lifeblood that will provide the support for the programs to help the Parish and community. New mem-bers are the result of being missionary disciples. Being the men that other men want to be with. Being the families that other families want to be with. New members are also the lifeblood that will provide the future leaders of the Council, taking over from those that have done more than their fair share of the heavy lifting. New members = New energy + New ideas


At the ¾ way point of the fraternal year, we in Saskatchewan are about 2/3rds of the way to achieving our overall membership goal. We have targeted 300 new members. At March 31st we were at 186.

Our specific membership goals are:


  • Every Council recruits at least one new member this year
  • One Star Council in each District; plus one more in Regina and Saskatoon
  • One Star District in each Cluster


Has your Council recruited one new member this year? Is your Council a Star Council? Is your District a Star District?


Are you and your Council helping your priest minister to the flock? Giving opportunity to the parishioners to experience their faith. Reaching out to those who have fallen away?


Are you a Missionary Disciple?


We look forward to seeing you in Yorkton and having a STRONG FINISH TO THE YEAR!!


Happy Easter Season
Your faithful servant in Christ
Brian Schatz
State Deputy
Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus