Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus is a family of Councils sharing love, joy and hope
Another month – October – has come and gone. It is history. It goes by so quickly. We are now into the last half of fall and winter is setting in. Today everything is white and fresh with new snow covering everything. The sky is a beautiful, magnificent blue. The air is still, a quiet calmness. On one hand it is beautiful, inviting and comfortable. But at the same time it is ex-tremely cold and uncomfortable.
And isn’t that what this time of year always brings us. It is the time where we retreat from the elements, where we dream about peace and tranquility – for the future. Where we take time to give thanks, and remember those who have gone before us – remembering our history. To remember those who served in the armed forces to protect our freedoms, as well as our broth-er Knights and family who were faithful servants of God and our Order.
On one hand we are comforted in knowing that we are sharing our love, joy and hope, doing our part in building the Domestic Church, serving our Parish and communities, protecting fami-lies. We are making a positive difference in this world.
Yet it is also a painful time remembering conflict and death.
A special thank you to Humboldt Council #1886 who celebrated their 100th Anniversary by hosting the 2017 State Charity Appeal. We took time to honour the history of the Council. Throughout its 100 years, the Humboldt Council has demonstrated the principles of the Order as envisioned by our Founder the Venerable Servant of God, Father Michael J McGivney. The Council has proudly served the Priests, parish(es) and community. It was the 6th Council formed in the province, after Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and Weyburn. Before Yorkton, North Battleford, Swift Current, Estevan and 151 others. It is the mother Council for surrounding Councils in Cudworth, Bruno, Annaheim, Watson, Lake Lenore, Engelfeld, and Muenster. It is the Grandmother Council of many more. Today it is a Council of 300+ members still adding to the millions of dollars and volunteer hours contributed to Char-ity in service to our Catholic Church and fellow man/woman. We applaud you in the success of your first 100 years and look forward to the next 100 years of dedicated, loyal and faithful service.
Congratulations and thank you so much for persevering through 2 world wars, a great depres-sion, and many more natural and man caused disasters. You really have made a positive dif-ference in this world
Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find details for the records set for this year’s State Charity Appeal Draw, and needless to say, Humboldt put on a fine party.
Now is the time for the Order-wide Church Drives. If you haven’t yet joined in Unity with the rest of the Order and conducted a church drive, we ask that you please do so, before Christ-mas. We encourage every Council to concentrate efforts on attracting new brothers to the Council so there is someone to carry-on the good work of the Council: be membership active – strive to be a Star Council.
On behalf of our State Officers and our entire State Board Team all the best with your Re-membrance Day celebrations and a very successful November.
Vivat Jesus
Brian Schatz
State Deputy
Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus