Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus is a family of Councils sharing love, joy and hope
JUNE 2018


I’m sure that you have heard the recent “news” stories about the Bible –suggesting that there is a declining number of people who believe the Bible is a book of truth; or that there is an in-creasing number of people who believe that the Bible is just a work of fiction written by men (and women) to manipulate thought and action.


I don’t know how factual those articles are and whether people’s beliefs are in fact changing, but those kind of articles irritate me. On one hand we can chalk them up to one more “fake news” story where the media is using its power trying to influence negative reaction – and provoke a fight. Or we can become depressed as we see another example of how our world and society is decaying.

One way or the other it gets my blood boiling. But at just about the point where I want to throw my hands in the air and give up – I think “What would Jesus Do”? People of his time appear to me to be no different than people today. There is no doubt that the material things around us today are different. And the pace of life has increased. But has the true meaning of life really changed? Are there not temptations? Is there not evil lurking around every turn? Are we not tested each and every day just as the people were when Jesus walked this earth those 2000 + years ago? Are we not given choices? Jesus was the one who showed us how to live our lives loving God and loving our neighbours.

If we want a society for our children and grandchildren that values the family and provides the path to eternal glory – we have to model the way – we have to be the difference, the influence, the good that leads to true happiness. We must act. We must do what Jesus did. No doubt there are many different steps along the path of being a person of influence that makes a difference. But sitting on the sidelines and hoping that someone else is going to do it is not one of them.
Jesus gave his life so that we may be saved – but it wasn’t to give us a free ride. We have to work for it. We have to be the Good Samaritan. We have to turn the other cheek. We have to be the father of the prodigal son. We have to be the shepherd who looks for that one lost sheep. We have to be the one who rids the temple of the merchants and money changers. We have to be the Blessed people of the Beatitudes.

The Knights of Columbus is a gift, one way that guides us to be a servant of God evangelizing others in our Catholic faith. We share our love, joy and hope. I can think of no other way, no better way than joining with other like-minded men to make a positive difference in this world.

First and foremost it gives us an opportunity to live our lives and share it with others as a proud Catholic. Yes I am biased. Yes I am a cradle Catholic. But that doesn’t make me blind. I’m sure that I’m like many of you and there are times when we question the strength of our beliefs. Our doubts turn to confidence. We know that Jesus founded our Church. Jesus is the truth, light and the way. Our Catholic faith is one of loving God and loving our neighbour – just as Jesus taught us. We do not judge – we are a people of love, forgiveness and mercy. The strength of our belief is measured by our human frailties, our weakest link. Likewise, the strength of our Church is measured by human frailties. If there is a decline in the number of people who believe, if there is decay in our society, we don’t spend much time trying to determine who is to blame and pointing fingers. We do our part to make a positive difference and make this a better world. We share our love, joy and hope.

Our Knights of Columbus is an organization that was formed 136 years ago by a Parish priest and we are proud to be the men who support, serve and have the back of our Pope, Bishops and Priests.

We are an organization that has strong Catholic family values. We give purpose to our principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism and fulfil our unwritten duty, obligation to be in solidarity with our Clergy by being a brotherhood who values our Faith and Family above all other self-interest.
We owe it to ourselves to be active and engaged in Council activities that support and strengthen our Church that make us better men, better husbands, better fathers and better Catholics. We owe it to our families to be active and engaged in Council programs and activities that support and strengthen our Church and build better communities. To repeat and echo our Supreme Knight, we owe it to every eligible Catholic man and are obliged to ask him to join with us in making this a better world.

Through sharing our LOVE of God and our neighbours, through sharing our JOY of the good news and through sharing in Jesus’ life, our HOPE, we are a people of influence making a positive difference for our children and grandchildren. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Brian Schatz
State Deputy
Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus