Dear Brother Knights of Saskatchewan,


It is with humbleness and sincere gratitude that I write this message to the Knights of Saskatchewan at the midpoint of this Columbian year.


I thank the State Officers, DDs, Program Directors, Grand Knights and all Council Officers, State Trainer Bob, the Ceremonial Teams, the Charitable Foundation Members, General Agent Mark and all the Agents, all the Knights, Chapter Members, State Executive Secretary Gerry Gieni and especially all the Bishops,  Council Chaplains and Priests in Saskatchewan for your support. My apologies if I missed anyone.


I also thank all of you for making Pat and me feel welcome at all the events to which you have invited us. We have seen many great projects which were conducted in many parts of Saskatchewan in the last 6 months. Many councils have implemented the new Faith in Action Program Model in their Parish. Programs are a key link in the order to drive retention and recruitment. It is noticeable that councils that have active programs and involve a large percentage of their members in participating in the programs have a higher success at recruiting new members who join not only to take advantage of all the benefits which the knights offer, but also to grow in their faith and to become involved in service projects within the church and community.


There are also areas in the province that have little activity because of a lack of leadership from the DD and from Council Officers and/or members in some councils. It is unfortunate that it is difficult to find committed leaders to carry on the important work of the church and our Order.


As we will soon enter the Advent season, let us be mindful of the significance of the season in our Catholic faith. Last year, Pope Francis said in his homily on the First Sunday of Advent, “Advent is a time for us to welcome the Lord who comes to meet us, to verify our desire for God, to look ahead and prepare ourselves for the return of Christ. Because of this, we must always be filled with full attention to the Lord with the hope of meeting him.”


With this in mind, we prepare ourselves for his coming. The Knights of Columbus Faith in Action Program Model has many excellent examples which councils can do to assist us and to assist our parishioners to prepare for the season of Advent. Examples include the following programs: Food for Families, Keep Christ in Christmas Activities, Family Week, Family Prayer Night, Holy Hour, Spiritual Reflection, Wheelchairs, Helping Hands, and Consecration to the Holy Family.


As Knights, we become aware of the tears and necessities of our neighbors and welcome the human and spiritual qualities and capacities of our members to help the aged, the less fortunate, the widows and orphans, and also our priests in the mission of the church.


I encourage all knights of Saskatchewan to commit to do your part to assist your church and council as a member of the Order.


We are all busy with the activities of worldly activities, but as your State Deputy, I ask that you place the church and the Knights of Columbus as a priority.

My wife Pat and I wish each of you a “Spiritual Season of Advent” and a renewed dedication to the church and to the Knights of Columbus.


Vivat Jesus,

Chris Bencharski- State Deputy,

Sask. State Council Knights of Columbus

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