Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus is a family of Councils sharing love, joy and hope


The weather outside tells us that yes indeed we are still in the midst of winter. It is cold with a biting wind. But we Saskatchewanians are a hardy people. We think it has been a good winter. Mild, with no blizzards. We are optimistic, full of hope for the spring ahead.
As Knights of Columbus, we too are in the midst of our fraternal year, doing God’s work, witnessing to Jesus and making a difference in our Church, Parish and community. Lois and I have had the honour of attending and participating with our brothers and sisters in just a few of the many different events, pro-grams and services conducted by our Councils. We’ve been to the Archbishop’s New Year’s Levee, 2 different Cluster meetings, Christmas celebrations in the New Year, a District meeting in Prince Albert, serving with the St Francis Xavier Relic Pilgrimage, a Formation/Knighthood Degree in Leoville, a convention planning meeting in Yorkton, the KofC Indoor Games in Saskatoon, conference calls with MPC Guy and Region #9 State Deputies, a State Board Meeting and a State Board Conference call. And there were many, many other opportunities to participate in Church ministries and Council and Chapter activities.
It is extremely rewarding to be a part of such great work. We enjoy lending a hand, participating in that work and we enjoy seeing how rewarding it is for others to be involved. It profiles how programs and membership recruitment are like our winter gloves. We need both gloves to keep warm. We need both programs and membership recruitment to keep our Councils healthy and con-tinuing to do such good work. Programs require members to carry out. Pro-grams attract members – men and families who other men and families want to be with.
Thus far there are 9 Councils who have already recruited enough new mem-bers to be eligible for Star Council. And there are others well on their way to achieving that prestigious recognition.
February begins the time for Order-wide Church Drives. Our entire State Team have created 20 State 2-man Teams to help councils recruit new members. Each of those 20 teams will be leading 3 Council’s Church Drive. Most of the Council that have conducted a planned Church Drive involving the Parish Priest/Chaplain and followed up with face to face meeting with the prospects who indicated an interest in hearing more about the benefits of being a member of the Knights of Columbus and the prospects wife – that Council has been successful with their recruitment efforts.
We thank our State Diversity Chairman Marte Clement Nogot for his work and his committee’s work in helping Councils to think about diversity. And we thank State Young Adult Activities Chairman Adam DeSa for his work in helping Councils to think about Young Adults.
We truly are those men and families other men families want to be with.
Keep up the very good work!! Spring is coming. State Convention will soon be here. We look for-ward to seeing you there where we will experience “Domestic Church Inspiring Missionary Disciples”

Your faithful servant in Christ
Vivat Jesus
Brian Schatz
State Deputy
Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus