Dear Brother Knights and Families,


The weeks of advent leading up to Christmas reminded us to set aside some of the hectic business of the holiday season, and to reflect on the promise of the Baby born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.


The word Advent from Latin means coming. In the past four weeks, we have prepared for His Coming. On Christmas Day, we will rejoice and celebrate, with our family and friends, Jesus’ birth, his coming.


We will rejoice because God has given us his only son Jesus to identify with the human heart of man. Jesus was given to us by the Father to live and walk among us and as he did, he showed us what is important to concentrate on as we live our lives here on earth.


 Jesus then gave us his life as a sacrifice to reconcile us back to God, our Loving Father. Let us rejoice and be glad with joy in our hearts as we share this special day, of the birth of our savior, with family and friends.


And while we celebrate this joyous time, may we have the gladness of Christmas which is hope, the spirit of Christmas which is peace, and the heart of Christmas which is love.


This joy and hope and love is expressed in the Knights of Columbus throughout the year in all of our Charitable works each time we put a coat on a kid, take a meal to a senior, collect food for a needy family or provide someone with mobility by giving them a wheelchair. As members of the Knights of Columbus, let us continue to continue our charity which evangelizes.


May we live this hope and joy and love throughout the entire year.


On behalf of all the State Officers and the State Team and their families, my wife Pat and I wish you and your family a blessed and joyous Christmas.


Chris Bencharski

State Deputy, Saskatchewan State Council

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