State Deputy Report February 2019


My Brother Knights:


I must still be having fun because time is really flying by!!

I would just like to update you all on a few things.

In December we presented a check to Hope of the Delta Pregnancy Resource

Center for $56,500.00 towards the Stork Bus purchase. Along with this, the councils

in the Pine Bluff area along with the Pregnancy Resource Center raised another $28,000.00. This gave them $84,500.00 towards the purchase of the Stork Bus.

I would like to thank all of the Councils that worked so hard to help raise the funds

for this project.

Also, the Just Ask campaign is moving along very well. If you received a second letter, it

means you did not donate the first time around. Remember, every $5.00 helps. All of this money goes to support the resolutions that you pass at the State convention. Helping others is what Charity is all about!!

I have asked all councils to hold one fundraiser to support the One Church initiative. Any amount that you raise is great, as long as we all work to help improve the Churches in Arkansas. With at least $65,000, the Diocese will be able to get a grant of around $200,000. With the Knights in the State and the Parishes in the State, I am sure we will meet the goal. It would be Awesome to have every council active in this drive. Please

send check to State Secretary Alan Halman.

Proceeds go to help build a new Church in Warren, Arkansas. “Charity”

By now, all councils have received their Per Capita Statement. Please be as generous as

you can to the other resolutions on the statement, especially the Pennies from Heaven

resolution. We have been hit very hard this last 7 months with requests and the State

Bank account is running very low. I would like to make sure that the State at least matches the funds your council gives to help those suffering from a tragic loss. “Charity”

CHARITY, UNITY, FRATERNITY. It is what we are all about!!!

Remember to Pray for our Church and those hurting in it. Attendance is down in most all Parishes I have been at. This is a great time for the Knights of Columbus to stand up in support of our Church. Unified, we can do great things!!

Thank you for all that you do!

God Bless

Roy Anderle

State Deputy


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