State Deputy Report October


 Fr. Stanley Francis Rother was beatified on September 23, 2017, during a Mass at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. He is the first US-born priest and martyr to be beatified by the Catholic Church. This was such a beautiful ceremony, something Cindy and I will remember the rest of our lives!   


The historical roots of October as a month of Mary are unclear. Some attribute the association between October and Mary to the devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. On October 13, 1917, in Cova de Iria outside of Fatima, Portugal, the last of six monthly Marian apparitions to three shepherd children is said to have taken place.  Now that October is in full swing, let us remember our Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary!

 On Saturday October 7, Little Flower council in Little Rock will be honoring Brother William Wrape for 70 years of service to the Knights of Columbus!


We will be receiving the Silver Rose from the state of Missouri on Sunday October 8th; we have a Formation and Knighthood degree scheduled for Sunday October 15th at Altus, AR. It is important to get as many of your first degree members there as you possible can. Why? The chances a man will remain a Knight in good standing increases with every degree they take. Do what you have to do, get them there!

 I pray each of our council’s are making plans to hold a church membership drive in the month of October - Then follow-up with an Admissions Degree as soon as possible.  Why am I talking about membership? Look around us, just in the last month we have had flooding in Houston, hurricane in Florida, Virgin Isles, Puerto Rico and an earthquake in Mexico and where are the Knights of Columbus? Right in the middle of each of these disasters helping all in need.  That is why it is so important that we increase our members. If we don’t, who will do the good work we have been doing?    


October is also the month for CPID to raise money for all with intellectual disabilities.  Remember we are pro life people so I pray you have already raised the money or you have planned the fund raisers to help us reach our goal of $100,000.00 to purchase the Save the Storks Bus!    


On October 1st Pope Francis said that we can’t improve our political landscape by observing and judging from afar, but that it involves personal involvement, which should always be done in a spirit of charity and helpfulness.


God bless you,


Philip A, Savage

State Deputy