State Deputy Report April 2019


My Brother Knights:


Hello to all brother Knights in Arkansas


April is here and we are more than half way through Lent.

The preparation that we do for the death of our Lord and Savior comes to full

Glory with His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. I hope all of you have a very Special Easter this year.

We are also looking forward to the State Convention at the end of the month. Please make sure you have your Per Capita paid and your delegates to the convention signed up.

I am looking for a good time to be had for all!!

We only have 3 months left in this fraternal year.

With a membership goal of 365, to date, we are only at 145 new members.

With Suspensions, deaths and transfers, our membership for the year is at a minus 52.

My Brothers, we cannot continue to be in the minus bracket. We must count on growing the Knights of Columbus in Arkansas. Please put every effort into new members this last three months.

My friend Jason, the State Deputy of Alabama is gloating over the fact that we cannot

beat them in football or membership in the Knights of Columbus. I would certainly like

to rub some pie in his face. Lets us all get together and bring in new members and finish out this year on a positive note. I Know You Can Do It!!!!

God Bless you all!

Roy Anderle

State Deputy