Brother Knights:


Some weeks ago, I received a message from a Brother Knight in Tulsa. He advised that the Tulsa City Council had recently passed a resolution to establish a Native American Day on the same day we celebrate Columbus Day. This member had no issue with setting aside one day per year to celebrate Native American Day. His objection with the resolution was the Tulsa City Councils's decision to schedule Native American Day on Columbus Day. He advised me that he had contacted his city council representative and expressed his objection and that he would be attending the next Tulsa City Council meeting to present his objection. His question to me was "What is the State Council doing to address this issue?" At the time, I did not have a good answer to his question. 


As I draft this article, Columbus Day was celebrated a few days ago. For the past week or so, the controversy over Christopher Columbus has been covered by nearly every media outlet. Unfortunately, the majority of the reporting on this subject has been misleading, inaccurate and, in some cases, blatantly false. 


I decided to do some research to provide an answer for the question I was asked. To address this controversy, first we must become familiar with facts. Armed with the facts, we can present the truth to those who are being misled by the false narratives that are circulating throughout the country. I found a couple of sources that are very informative. The first is a new book titled "Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem", written by Carol Delany. Please refer to this link for more information. Also, Brother Patrick T. Mason, State Deputy of New Mexico, recently authored an article that appeared on the Real Clear Politics website titled "Blaming Columbus Misses the Lessons of History." State Deputy Mason is also a member of the Osage Nation. Refer to this link to read his article. 


Once equipped with the facts, to whom do we reach out? It is very apparent that those who are spreading the false narratives, inciting groups of citizens to protest in the streets and defacing statues under cover of darkness, have no interest in hearing the facts. In fact, whether or not there are national holidays to recognize Christopher Columbus or Native Americans is of no concern to them. Their true agenda is far more sinister than falsely discrediting Christopher Columbus. They seek to create civil unrest in our country. Also, they seek to erase the historical facts that led to the creation of our great nation. This outrageous agenda is intended to undermine the very foundation of our government. We cannot allow them to succeed!


So, who should be the recipients of the truth regarding Christopher Coumbus? It is critical that our elected officials have all the facts before making policy decisions or creating new or revised law. By passing the recent resolution establishing Native American Day on columbus Day, the Tulsa City Council unwittingly fell into the trap set by those who would undermine our Government. Having both celebrations on the same day implies that one must choose between honoring Columbus or Native American heritage. If you are for one, you must be against the other. This conclusion is categorically untrue.


As Knights of Columbus, we are obligated to know the true historical facts about Christopher Columbus, his motivations and his agenda when he set sail in 1492. We are also obligated to present these facts to our elected officials. All Oklahoma Knights should heed the words of Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Research the facts and write letters to Congress. Remember that, when we speak out publically on matters such as this, we speak as individuals. Only the Supreme Council can speak on behalf of the Knights of Columbus. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention the recent Beatification of Blesses Stanley Rother. What a privilege it was to be present at the exact moment of his Beatification, presented by Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and the representative of Pope Francis. The Knights of Columbus were well represented at the event. Many members were present in the audience, including Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, and his wife Dorie, and Supreme Treasurer Ronald Schwarz, and his wife Janette. I would like to thank all the Knights who participated in the Honor Guard and those who worked behind the scenes to support this historic event. 


Blessed Stanley Rother, pray for us.


Vivat Jesus!

John Pierce, State Deputy