My Brother Knights:


As we enter into the last quarter of the 2016-2017 fraternal year, I want to thank each and every member for their dedication to our order and principles. Especially, the principle of Charity, that brought most of us into the order. We all need to keep this freash in our minds in order to keep the vision of our founder, Venerable Michale J. McCivney, alive and well. For the last 135 years, we have and, now, we need to carry it far inot the future so our order can continue its good works.


The 112th Annual State Convention of the Oklahoma Knights of Columbus is just around the corner. The State Convention is a time for us to celebrate our accomplishments of the past year, focus on the future, to see and greet old friends, and to make new friends. The State Convention is the largest gathering of Knights and their families in Oklahoma and I look forward to seeing you there. We will be holding the State Convention at the Doubletree at Warren Place in Tulsa on April 29th and 30th. Remember: if your council is donating to the St. Gregory Scholarship, Ultrasound Program, Seminarian Fund (365), Vocations (Pennies for Heaven), Military Chaplain Fund and/or the Center of Family Love, please bring your checks. The checks need to be made payable to either the Oklahoma State Council or Knights of Columbus. Please note for which fund the check is for in the memo line.


As every fraternal year begins, your council's goal should have been to attain Star Council. This year, Supreme has continued an incentive that they launched last year for every council who attains Star Council. These councils will receive a credit on their September 2017 statement for each billable member on their roster as of July 1, 2017. Note that billable members do not include honorary life or disability waiver members.


There are a number of councils who have reached, or are in position to reach, their membership and insurance quotas. I encourage your councils to take advantage of the Supreme rebate incentive. Remember: to qualify for Star Council, you not only have to attain the membership and insurance quotas, you must have also filed the Service Program Personnel Report (#365), Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728), Columbian Award (#SP7) and be in good standing with Supreme. The first two reports should have already been filed. If it has not yet been completed, you can still file them by completing the forms and e-mailing them to The Columbian Award MUST be filed on or before June 30, 2017. If you have an event that will be held after June 15th and before June 30th, you can still complete the form with that activity and file before the event is held. I encourage all councils to file your form #SP7 before the June 30th deadline and make sure you complete all lines.


We need to continue our membership recruitment and retention efforts. Your effots so far this year have been outstanding, but we need to continue our membership recruitment, 365 days a year, to give every eligible man a chance to join our order. As for retention, we need to reach out to those members who have not been active in the order in the past year to find out what we can do to promote their activity within the council. They must have had some reason to join in the first place. So, our retention efforts must start at the beginning when they join. We so often have members join and then we never see them again. We must figure out better ways of communicating with these members. Talking with them at Mass, having a calling tree, mail, e-mail or some other method. We need to look at multiple ways to stay in touch with them, because just one way of communication will not work with all members. Also, we need to encourage the new Formation Degree members to get their higher degrees.


As my tenure of being the State Deputy of Oklahoma comes toward the end in June, I just want to let everyone know how much enjoyment I have had at being your State Deputy. I also want to thank everyone for the confidence you have given me the last two years as your State Deputy.


Vivat Jesus,

Robert L. Melko, State Deputy