My Brother Knights,
This famous month of Fall Harvest is probably best known for two major themes: Month of Departed Souls and a time for Thanksgiving. Let’s keep in our prayers our departed personal family members, friends, our parish family, and our Brother Knights. Just within the past few months three members who served in State Office positions joined the “Divine Council” of Knights of Columbus in Our Lord’s Home: Ed Betts, Jerry Brunelle and Dave Denton.
Let’s recall that first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock and contemplate that scene. Does not the gathering represent a “role model” that perhaps has been tarnished over the years since?? Does it not represent the ethnic footprint of what should be the existence of U.S. Society? There are two ethnic groups, Native American and European American, each sharing their food specialties, giving thanks in a sit-down together meal .

As we evaluate the demographic representation in our Oregon Catholic Parishes and in our own Knights of Columbus membership, how are we doing? I think most of us are aware that there is a large ethnic population of Hispanics and Vietnamese. The majority of the Vietnamese population is for the most part congregated in one Parish and consequently most Vietnamese KofC membership is within one Council.

Hispanic population is scattered throughout the whole state and exists in varying numbers in many of our Parishes. Is the Knights of Columbus membership in these respective Parishes proportionately like the Parish population? Are Hispanic members serving in Council leadership roles?

I’m hearing information that indicates KofC Membership is not proportionate to the Hispanic population of our Parishes. The proportion serving in Council leadership role is almost nonexistent. This isn’t good!! Does this situation match the “unity”, the “model” of the first Thanksgiving?? It appears we have some considerable challenges to meet!! And at the same time these challenges should be also be viewed as opportunities for our recruitment efforts. What is being done?? Are we serious about “growing the Order”?? Are we committed to helping provide “more laborers for our Lord’s Vineyard”?? I trust you are --- or you wouldn’t have become a Knight yourself.

I’m asking everyone as members of this Fraternal Catholic Family to look outward!! We need to go beyond what we may have tried in the past. I’m sure we can be doing much better implementing one or two of the recruitment options that are available. I try to be a good listener, but I will admit comments like “we have tried that before, it doesn’t work here” is not part of my vocabulary!!


Let’s remember those who have left this earth and ventured to their heavenly home with the Lord;
Thank you and Happy Veterans Day to our many Knight of Columbus members who have served or are now serving in one of the Armed Forces Units; and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a relaxing family dinner, expressing thanks and appreciation to those who have been part of “Your Journey in this Life!!

Vivat Jesus!!

Francis Mohr
Oregon State Deputy