Brother Knights,
I am writing this from a cold North Dakota where I attended my mother’s funeral. It has been real cold here with temperatures ranging from 11 below to our current heat wave of 15 above. I was due to return on Sunday but the flight was cancelled, so spending one more day here.
I need some help to build our membership in the State. We are currently sitting at about 52% so we really need to step on the gas and bring in members. We need to average about 63 members over the next 4 months to make our goal and this is very doable since over the last 2 years we have done this during this time of year. To help achieve this I need you to hold some recruitment drives and 1st Degrees. We have several Councils that have not recruited up to their normal standards to date, but they can still accomplish this. We have seminars available to help you recruit and Supreme has many good tools on their web site, so let’s get started and get these numbers. All you need to do is bring in one member per month till June 30 and I know you can to this.

We have recruiting incentives that you can win by recruiting up to your potential, so let’s keep it up. We are in a contest from Supreme and we have already won in the 1st week so keep it going and incentives will roll our way.
If you are looking to be a Star Council, check to make sure all your forms are in; Michael Rooke has been tracking these forms so if you are unsure of what you need contact him. The SP7 is the last form needed for Star Council and there is one new requirement - you need to have 4 Domestic Church programs listed. This is done by just checking a box on the form for whatever category they fit. Contact George Murphy for this information. The best way to be sure you have it correct is to send a copy to George to review before sending it to Supreme, so we make sure you get your Columbian Award.

All the State Officers are working hard to finish off the year on a high note, so help us out - we can’t do it without you. We get excited when you win awards from Supreme!
The State Convention is coming up so we want to see all of you there. Be sure to get your registrations and credentials in, so you do not miss out.

Sid Thiel
Oregon State Deputy