“Happy Fall Season to All!! -- (Continued)!!!
“The work in my father’s vineyards is much but the laborers are few.”
What do you all think?? Could this be your promoting banner for your Fall
Season Membership Drive?

I know this was the start of last month’s message. October is the month in
full swing for harvest: the wheat bins, corn bins, potato cellars, onions
cellars, etc. are being filled. Likewise the month of October has always
been one of those “Seasons of Harvest” where we bring in new members
and grow the Order!!

Is every Council doing something to evangelize the message and value of a Knights of Columbus
Council as part of their Parish Ministry?? If you didn’t order a “recruitment kit” from Supreme
(which is free!!), then you can at least make a simple announcement from the podium after
Mass about the Knights and have a few Brothers passing out one of Holy Cards provided by the
Knights of Columbus and/or the 2-3 page fold-out brochure (most of which are also free). A
very simple greetings ---“Here’s a gift from the Knights of Columbus.” Some may ask a few
questions at that time. Recruitment is not necessarily filling the barn full of hay that Sunday;
BUT your contact is important.

So let’s reach out Brothers!! Use the same questions Fr. McGivney asked those few men that
evening in St. Mary’s Hall. “Will you help me?” Will you help the widow and children? Will
you help the poor in the parish? Will you be a strong Catholic role model in our community?”
Remember, recruitment and growing the Order is not just about numbers. We all know about
numbers. I receive letters from the Supreme Office with numbers---unfortunately it’s a list of
suspensions, not the numbers that mean growth!!. You also know numbers. Your Council has
quotas in order to achieve an award. You also have numbers of members lost, unknown or not
paying dues.

In our recent State Deputy meeting, the Supreme Knight asked similar questions Fr. McGivney
asked: “Will you help me? Will you help grow the Order”!! My Brothers, when we have an
interested person, we need to follow up!! “Growing the Order” also means retaining the
Order!! The wheat, corn, etc. in the bins and new members you bring in also need to remain
vital. I appreciate the approach that our Retention Chairman Jon Keefer and our Membership
Director Michael Woody are attempting to promote: Retaining versus retention.

In promotional presentations I have given from the podium at various parishes, I strongly
emphasized the questions Fr. McGivney asked and the basics that formed our organization, the
Knights of Columbus: Charity, Family and a stronger Profession of our Faith. These basics are also the major Programs for the Knights of Columbus: Faith, Family, Community and Life. I hope you also recognize that the new name “Faith in Action” relates to the basics that formed the Knights of Columbus. If I’m wrong, then please, you can tell me.

I applaud the name change for our programs as Faith in Action. What activities can you promote to strengthen your Council? What activities can you promote with other groups in your parish or with your Pastor and revitalize the community atmosphere of your Parish? What can your Council do to be the “Right Arm of the Church”? What is the opportunity to reach-out and co-sponsor with other groups of the parish or the community? For the parish, it can build and strengthen parish community. For the civic community, it helps to evangelize what the Knights of Columbus do and stand for as a group. What activities can be done to invite other Catholic men to help be our “Laborers for our Father’s Vineyards?”

Let’s make this month of harvest fruitful. We all have gifts as St. Paul says in one of his letters to the Corinthians. Each one of us can do something to assist with an activity of Faith, Community, Family or Life that may involve a new acquaintance---and possibly a new Brother!!

Vivat Jesus
Francis Mohr, State Deputy