Coinciding with the date that we went through “spring ahead” with our clocks and watches, it’s that time of the Fraternal Year when we spring into our Spring Recruitment Drive.
Brothers, search your heart and contemplate why you became a Knight of Columbus. I highly suspect it is because you felt your Faith is important and you were interested in helping others or being involved with a group of friendly men actively doing good works for their parish and community. Everyone feels good when they are involved doing good for others. Doing good acts is truly putting your faith into action. During our recent State Deputy Meeting, our Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop Lori reminded us that “Fr. McGivney started the Knights of Columbus Order based on Charity. Also, by being a Knight of Columbus, you are “Evangelizers of the Lord’s love.”
Let’s all spring ahead by implementing some of the many activities of our “Faith in Action” Programs and indirectly evangelize the Lord’s Love through our actions. As St. Francis of Assisi once expressed “The best evangelization is done with Actions—not words.” It was also very timely that the Supreme Office recently unveiled a very simple, very easy process, to implement and to assist us with spring recruiting. It is called the Delta Church Drive. It also is a very basic process; here are the steps:

  • Select a date soon (some Sunday/weekend after all the Masses)
  • Explain the basic steps with your Pastor and have his permission for a brief 2 minute announcement
  • Develop your Council Prospect Page (explained at our Mid-Year Meeting or contact our Membership
    Director Michael Woody for a 2 page explanation flyer
  • Place some Prospect Cards and pencil in each pew
  • Man the doors with Brothers – who will act as “greeters
  • Give each person entering the Church either a Fr. McGivney or other KC Holy Card
  • Give the two minute announcement at the end of Mass (a canned 2 minutes announcement is part of the Delta Recruitment Kit. The announcement asks the men to list their name and e-mail address on the Prospect cards)
  • Collect Prospect Cards as they leave the Church
  • Talk with them if they want to talk and also give them a KC Flyer
  • If anyone is interested in joining now, have them fill out a Form 100 and inform them when the next 1st Degree is scheduled
  • Enter the names and e-mails from the Prospect cards to your Council Prospect Page
  • “Prospect Candidates” will receive a brief message from your Grand Knight
    (a possible message is provided in the Delta Kit).

Prospects will soon be receiving KofC information, activities from Supreme in their e-mails.

So let’s make a resolution for this Lenten Season to spring into action.
Also, during our recent State Deputy Meeting, Mathew Kelly emphasized in his 2 minute Lenten Video on Day One “Find your sweet spot.” “Put your sweet spot into action.” Everyone has a “sweet spot” to serve the Lord. Use that sweet spot to influence another person to be a Knight of Columbus.
As our Lord said “The work in my Father’s Vineyards is much but the Laborers are few.” Indirectly your practicing your “sweet spot” will most likely strengthen your own Faith, and by this expression of Faith in Action, will attract “More Laborers to the Father’s Vineyards.”


Vivat Jesus
Francis Mohr, State Deputy