In doing your list of resolutions for the new year, did you include any related to the Knights of Columbus? If you don’t have a list yet, the year is only 2.7% along so I really encourage you to jump aboard! If you have or don’t have a list, let’s consider all of the following three for our Oregon Jurisdiction:

  • Expand the Knights of Columbus “footprint” in Oregon
  • Make our new program model “Faith in Action” a way of life in our families, parish
    and community
  • Share and spread our Order among the large number of Hispanic Catholics in Oregon

In our recent State Deputies’ Meeting, some key excerpts were presented by our supreme leadership and directors related to these three resolutions. I encourage you to also ponder these excerpts: “As Knights of Columbus you have been entrusted to guide the organization into the future, to guide its growth and to guide its well-being. Yes, it’s a heavy and serious responsibility. We all have to reach out and make sure that our Councils are active and that they understand the necessity of bringing new and more people into the Order” stated Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

We were also reminded that the principles Fr. McGivney laid out were not for a mens’ club or of a secret society. Instead they were principles for a way of life for men to live their Catholic faith. “We are not just building Columbianism, we are building Catholicism” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. Supreme Chaplain Archbishop Lori then added: “You are evangelizers of His love.”

Brothers, think of our theme for this Fraternal Year: “Come Holy Spirit.” I’m sure you are all familiar with the Feast of Pentecost, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Following this significant event, the Apostles were no longer afraid to reach out, to express their faith, and evangelize the basic teachings and messages that Jesus proclaimed during his time on earth. I’m sure you are all familiar with that scene of Pentecost Sunday. There are the Apostles with tongues of fire over their heads looking upward. In the beautiful stain glass window in our Cathedral, above the Apostles, is an image of the Holy Spirt as represented by a dove.

In our stained glass window, encircled around the dove, are listed the Seven Gifts offered to us from the Holy Spirit: Piety, Wisdom, Counsel, Knowledge, Understanding, Fortitude, and Fear of the Lord. Aren’t these gifts the important aids we could be using to reach out, to be evangelizers, to grow the Order and to help meet these three Knights of Columbus New Year resolutions? Let’s think of our theme “Come Holy Spirit” often and ask for an increase of these Gifts and accomplish these New Year’s resolutions.

I hope everyone had a Blessed and Merry Christmas with an opportunity to share the joy and promises of this season with your families.

Vivat Jesus
Francis Mohr, State Deputy