Brothers and Families!

Happy Summer Days to All!!

The temptation finally got to me!! Recall the Nat King Cole song: “Bring out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, those days of soda and pretzels and beer.” It must be the August heat!!!

While enjoying pizza, etc. and staying cool, let’s use this time to “Grow our Order” and pass on the visions of Fr. Michael McGivney. There are many Catholic men in your congregation, probably with you this weekend at the Mass Liturgy who also want to perform the visions of Fr. McGivney. But for some reason they haven’t openly expressed that inner calling. By joining the Knights of Columbus, you are one of those disciplines who needs to reach-out and befriend him as a fellow-parishioner. Next inquire if he would be interested in helping with one of the Council future activities. This is not the time for ‘hard sales.’

His interest and wanting to be part of your group will come later. As you plan your Council activities and budget for this Fraternal Year, give emphasis toward activities that can or could involve the whole family and attract parishioners from the Parish. They don’t have to be a Knight to attend our social events and hopefully will participate as one of the helpers. There is no better way to gain a new friend and possible member than being together and to sweat, toil, and relax later with a cool one with someone!!

As you probably know, the Knights’ Programs with the new overall name of “Faith in Action” intentionally emphasizes activities that involve the family. It is very attractive to younger parishioners and strengthens Parish community and hopefully builds the Order. The model is a strong call to action. Also, be sure to observe information in this issue regarding this new Program Model. If you have any question regarding Knights’ programs, make contact with the General Program Director Tom Radel or the Program Director for that particular area: Faith is Ray Prom, Community is Kent Purdy, Family is Bob Adams and Life is Patrick Parson. Also, try to remember that an active, vibrant Council will attract more members!

When we think of activities, we need to think of co-sponsoring with another group of the parish or the community. For the parish, it can help us build and strengthen our parish community. In the case of our civic community, it evangelizes what the Knights are; helps establish the ‘knights’ footprint’ in the city and possibly could attract another person to join as a member. Co-sponsoring with other parish groups can be a major benefit—not just in assistance during the process of a fund-raising step, but in terms of expanding the Knights’ image.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce a couple of additions to our State Program Team:

 Habitat for Humanity Chairman: Mike Kondrats of Beaverton Council 14802. Mike has been very involved with the Habitat for Humanity group in that area. If you do not see the ‘flyer’ through the e-mail system, which also included locations of Habitat for Humanity Groups throughout the state, please contact him and get some ideas how your Council can be involved with this activity. His e-mail:

 RSVP (Vocations) Chairman: William Geary of McMinnville Council 1623. Bill has recently completed his four year term as District Deputy, but as we know in the Knights, there is no such thing as retiring or being allowed to resign. Instead, you just go on sabbatical --- until the State Deputy finds another position for you! Any questions about this program and/or Council opportunities to assist the vocations program or any seminarians, contact Bill at:


Welcome Mike and Bill to the State Program Team, and “thank you” to Tom Radel who has been in the Habitat for Humanity position and George Vennes who previously served as RSVP Chairman for the past eight years.

I’m excited about the changes and/or evolvement that have occurred during the past three years and are now at our doorstep. This is why we are not waiting to alter our Activity Reporting and Award System another year. This total alteration may strike a few as being done too soon. Why? What are you waiting for? The time is now. There are Councils that have not managed to bring in a new member within the past three to four years. Some Councils say that they can never reach their quota so why bother recruiting, Councils that say all the eligible Catholic men in our parish that want to be Knights are Knights; others are not interested. My Brothers, these excuses or whatever are not new to my ears and are not part of my vocabulary. These Councils need to evaluate why they are a Council. Have they forgotten the roots of our Order? Did they forget the story about a priest with a few men in the basement of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven asking “Will you help me”? Will you help the widow and children of our Parish? Will you help the poor in our Parish and community”?

My Brothers!! There is a great new Faith in Action Model in front of us. What activities can you do to revitalize your Council? What activities can you promote with other groups in your parish or with your Pastor and revitalize the community atmosphere of your Parish? What can your Council do to be the “Right Arm of the Church”? What are you waiting for? What activities can be done to invite other Catholic men to help us be “Laborers for our Father’s Vineyards?” We can all be better Catholic men. We can all be the role model to help evangelize the virtues of our Order and the Values of our Catholic Faith. It’s a new, exciting Fraternal Year! Let’s all promote this great treasurer called Knights of Columbus. It can’t die!! Will you help? Will you help the Order grow in Oregon? Will you help?

“Come Holy Spirit”

Vivat Jesus’

Francis Mohr, State Deputy

Ph: Home—541-523-6245

Ph: Cell—541-519-6606


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