As many of you may have heard I am not going on as State Deputy for a second year—I feel God is sending me elsewhere. But I encourage everyone not to let up on your membership or insurance goals. We are in the final days for many of you to become a Star Council and I know you can do it—we are here to help you. You will receive weekly messages from our Membership director and myself in giving you ideas how to achieve Star Council. We are doing great in the Supreme Challenges -we came out on top in the March Madness and so far we are keeping it going strong in the Final Race. Keep those Form 100s going into Supreme; we need approximately 14 new members each week to win the final race. If every Council has two new members by the end of the year we would be top dog, but don’t let it stop there; look to achieve three or four new members and a lot of you will reach membership for Star Council. Call your insurance agent to help you get your insurance goal, another Star requirement and also get those SP7 Columbian award forms in right away for Star Council. Please send a copy to your DD and myself to make sure it is good so there are no surprises down the road. I am not going to stop working for the State and your benefit, so let’s work together and go for the Star.
Recently, I visited the Idaho and Montana State Conventions and brought back ideas from each. I will be going to the Washington Convention in May and I am sure to find good things there also. At the Idaho Convention, which I attended, the SD presented a program called Marriage for Life and it really hit a cord in my heart, so much so that I had him come and present it at our Convention. They created a decal that you can put on your car and he brought several along for both the English and Spanish speaking Knights. We handed out one decal to each Council to show at their meetings and encourage them to purchase them for their Council. (English copy is shown below). This is a great program and I encourage everyone one to join in. I would like to show you the Spanish decal but I can’t in this letter. I will work with our webmaster to put both the English and Spanish version and info on the State Website.
I would also like to congratulate those who were chosen to attend the Supreme Convention, Michael Woody, Robert Adams, Paul Nowak, Tom Radel, and Brent Dattke. The alternates chosen are Gregg Harris, Robert Perin, Marvin Jarvis, and Pat Beckham. It is exciting to see new faces going to the Supreme Convention and it can only benefit the State. If you have the opportunity, please watch the Supreme Convention on EWTN or DVR (record) the Convention and watch it over time. Even though I will be there, Lisa and I record the Convention and are able to watch the interviews when we get back home because we don’t see those while attending the Convention. From recording the Convention, we were able to see “My Brother’s Keeper” (which I gave a copy of to each DD to show to each of his Councils) and it was very exciting. We showed it to the wives at our Convention and they saw just how important the Knights of Columbus are to the world.
Please read my State of the State speech which will be located on the state website under the Columbian Newsletter heading.
Sid Thiel
Oregon State Deputy