Brother Knights,


                  We are halfway through the Fraternal year and we have accomplished a lot but still have a way to go.

Ron Boyce our State Trainer has finished with his officer training and it was a success. The councils that came to his sessions learned what each officer duties were and it has helped them become more organized. He spent weekends away from home and long hours on the road to bring this training to you, we owe him a big debt of gratitude, so when you see thank him give him a special thank you.   After all his effort’s he needs to re-energize so he has stepped down as trainer, but he will continue in his present position as State Treasurer. I know he will be there for you if you call.

We have a new State Pro-life Couple, they are Steve and Yvonne Holthouse of council 9137.   They will be an excellent addition to the State Team. Our former Pro-life Couple Mike and Dodi Rossetti resigned do to health considerations, he will be missed. Mike was able during his time to start 4 new ultrasound initiatives in the state, this is a great achievement. He was very passionate about Prolife so please keep them in your prayers.

We are about 10% below where we projected our membership to be currently but the future looks really promising. Insurance still seems to be a challenge but we succeeded in this endeavor last year and I know we can do it again. We have 3 councils that have already achieved Star Status this year, they are St. James Council-Molalla, Our Lady of the Valley-Tigard, and St. Joseph the Worker-Portland (Double Star Status). We have another 17 councils that have a potential to be Star for this year based on their status. This is exciting for these councils and the State.  

Over the last 3 years we have been in the top of our class with Circle of Honor and last year by reaching the top with Pinnacle by IPSD Robert Kish. We can do this again this year with your help. The State Officers are here to help you achieve your goals so don’t hesitate to call any one of us.

On January 7th and 8th the State Officers and DDs met in Astoria to hear a message from Supreme and looked over our plans for the next six months. When your DD plans his District meeting please plan to attend so you can get the most updated information to move your Council forward. We have State incentives for recruiting and Supreme has incentives also, so find out about these and help recruit. The one I like is the weekend at a special hotel or venue within the state for the highest recruiting Council. Some Brother Knight gets a nice weekend!
One of the special upcoming events in January is the Pro-life March on the 15th, which is being held at the Convention Center in Portland, so please plan to attend. Please wear your Knights’ gear to show your presence. These marches have the potential to save lives and remove unnatural death from the world by abortion and euthanasia. See you there.
Don’t forget to fill out your Form 1728 (Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity-Star requirement) and send it in by January 31. This helps us keep our tax-exempt status beside helping with Star Council.

As a former Program Director use to say, “GO KNIGHTS”.

I hope that you all have had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sid Thiel

Oregon State Deputy