Worthy Brother Knights and Families,

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all who attended our State Convention. I have received compliments but really Brothers, an annual meeting is only as good as the participants who attend, contribute, and flow with those parts that may cause moments of frustration. I do apologize for the length of Saturday Night Banquet, but I inserted a couple extra items that I felt would be important for everyone to know related to the efforts put forth by all our District Deputies, Program Directors and Chairman and spouses. I know now, how to achieve those same intentions without using valuable time on Saturday evening, so that everyone can experience more Fraternal bonding with others from across this great Jurisdiction. Stay tuned!! For next year!!
As we enter the final lap of this Fraternal Year, the questions are waiting at the finish line!! Have we grown the Order? Growth of the Order is more than numbers on a paper as explained by a recent issue of Knight Line which we all receive monthly from Supreme. “Growth of the Order proves that the Knight of Columbus is vital to today’s parishes and families”.
I applaud the Domestic Church Initiative. It is certainly a wake-up call; it’s a call to the basics that formed the Knights of Columbus Organization, it’s a reminder of the questions that Fr. McGivney asked his small gathering of men that evening in the basement of St. Mary’s Church, “Will you help me? Will you help the widow and the children of our Parish? Will you help the poor in our Parish?” Have we invited other Catholic men to help be “Laborers for our Father’s Vineyards?”
The Domestic Church Initiative has led to a further involvement of our Programs. Starting July First our six programs will become four: Faith, Family, Community and Life. The overall program model for these four priority areas is entitled Faith in Action. The emphasis will be toward activities that encourage family involvement that attract our younger age Catholic men and activities that promote spiritual growth of the Order. You may have already noticed a change in the monthly activity reporting forms. Activities that correspond to the Domestic Church Initiative will be the ones that equal the higher point value. Our Program Awarding System will reflect the same. Councils performing activities that correspond to the visions of the Domestic Church will be the ones receiving the awards.
Growth of the Order also means a need to refresh our thinking and look at how we manage the Order. I wish to end this month’s message with the summary I presented as the State of the State Report at the Convention:

  • Let’s be aware of the challenges and opportunities we have to grow the Order in Oregon: Age demographics, ethnic demographics, activities that attract young families;
  • Let’s work at putting the two words “withdrawal” and “suspension” on the Threatened and Endangered List;
  • Let’s work at putting the two words “withdrawal” and “suspension” on the Threatened and Endangered List;
  • Let’s put comments like “We have tried that, it doesn’t work” in the Not to be used vocabulary;
  • Let’s move onward with a saying we have all heard in one form or another: “There are those that say “we have tried that, it doesn’t work!!” then there are those that say “why not?”
  • Let’s imagine we are in the basement at St. Mary’s in New Haven and hear Fr. McGivney ask “Will you help me? Will you help the widow, the children and poor of the parish and community? Will you build a strong fraternal bound and use the strength of unity to do activities for your faith, your families and parish?”

We do need about 150 new members to meet the numbers we thought and we hoped we could meet this fraternal year. But - the Fraternal Year is not over!!. Will you help? If each Council would recruit and initiate 2 additional members during this month, we will be there. Will you help? Will you help the Order grow in Oregon? Will you help?


Vivat Jesus!!

Francis Mohr
Oregon State Deputy