Star Council Requirements


We are now fast approaching the end of the fraternal year. In doing so, it is worthwhile to take a moment and review your council's progress. This review, or "Council Check-Up", should serve as the guiding light for your next fraternal year. As such, this review is vital to meeting future membership recruitment and retention goals. Think of this in terms of other aspects of your life. Have you ever asked a supervisor or co-worker for feedback regarding your work performance? Do you ever reach out to your insurance agent, your financial advisor or a trusted business partner to make sure that your "plan" is on the right track? Have you ever questioned a priest, a spouse, a family member or a friend seeking to learn how to become a better husband, a better father, a better man? I'm willing to bet that we all do these things from time to time. And why makes perfect sense! To know that we are headed in the right direction, we have to be willing to look back and see if we are making the decisions that will put ourselves on the right path. The same logic rings true for the Knights of Columbus. How in the world can we know where our successes are, and our shortcomings, if we don't take even a moment to review our council and member welfare?


Did we meet or exceed our membership goals? If so, how? If not, what can we improve? Where are our areas of strength? Where are our areas of weakness? Are there any parish or community needs that continue to go unmet? Have we done all that we can in meeting the needs of our council Brother Knights? Do we truly know what our Brother Knights want from our council and what activities will help them remain active and energized?


The councils that take the time to honestly answer questions such as these are the councils that are ahead of the game for the 2017-2018 fraternal year. These answers will help form your membership and program goals, as well as keep all Brother Knights informed on the direction of the council. Most importantly, this review can help council leadership establish new programs and plans. Each council has to be willing to admit that, sometimes, the answer of, "We've always done it this way..." is the quickest way to drive new Brother Knights right our of your council halls, never to be heard from again. As a multi-generational organization, we have many ages of Knights, all looking to the Knights to fulfill different needs. And all looking to fulfill their own individual needs and desires within the Knights. No doubt, we each feel called by Christ himself to spread his message of Love, Hope and Joy. And, no doubt, we each have our own particular way of spreading that message. And that is a beautiful thing! We are over 8,000 Brother Knight voices, each singing with our own individual voice, yet all singing the same glorious song.


There are numerous forms and aids to assit councils with this end-of-year review. The Membership Satisfaction Questionnaire is a great place to begin. This form helps your council identify how members rate their involvement in the council and its programs. It also allows members to identify areas of weakness or dissatisfaction. This questionnaire should form the foundation of your review. The next form, Council Membership Inventory, is designed for use by the council officers to gauge council capabilities. Every council has strengths...and every council, no matter what, is going to have weaknesses. The goal is to continually rely on your strengths and minimize or improve weaknesses. This form can help do just that. Finally, the Member Interest Survey forms the foundation for future council direction. It is a great tool to help identify the desires and ambitions of your council membership. Having difficulty filling officer and committee positions? Then this is the form for you.


The above forms are by no means the only method available to you. Just as each member has their own needs, so does each council. Your council may already have a plan in place to review their progress in the past year. Or perhaps your council already has a singular, specific way to answer the above review questions. And that is great! However, please take a moment to check out the forms above by clicking the links to see how these tools can benefit you and your council.



Ryan King, State Membership Director