Brother Knights:
Often times, I talk about recruitment. Although that’s a key part of our organization, I would really like to emphasize retention. As I have stated before, we have not done a very good job (I’m talking about all of us, not just the officers) in keeping in touch with our fellow Knights. I know there are some out there in need, whether it be financial or just someone to assist in daily living. Please take it upon yourself to get involved and ask what you can do to help other members of our council or parish. Perhaps, it is just a simple phone call to say, “I have missed you. How are you and your family doing? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need a ride or someone to talk to?" Perhaps, you could be the person to organize a telephone “tree” in which we can maintain contact with our fellow Knights who are not all that active in the council, but still need to know that this organization is built on caring for our “own” as well as others. Again, I know that there are Knights out there who could use some assistance in daily living but are unaware or reluctant to ask for help. This is what the phone tree initiative would be all about, which is maintaining closer contact with our members. This is a huge effort and will require the assistance of many caring individuals.  Will you be one of these?
And now recruitment: I know it is sometimes difficult to approach someone concerning the Knights of Columbus. We do have information available that can assist you in outlining what we do. If you need some assistance, please get in touch with your DD, the SMD or one of the State Officers. In addition, when approaching an individual, go “at it” in a positive way, not with an attitude of, "We need to get our numbers up so please join”. More often than not, this approach produces a negative response rather than a positive one. Bottom line, we do have tools out there than help with recruitment.  Just Ask. Recruitment can be fun.  
Ron Crews DD #10
Council 1018 Membership Director