Although the summer is one of the slowest times of the year for membership recruitment in the Order, and although last year was one of our strongest years during the summer, our recruitment this year has been anemic in comparison to other recent years. In our webinars we've stressed the need to provide continuity from year to year so that leadership teams can continue at the same or similar pace than last year. Our start this year has been a very slow one and we must recover now if we are to compete with last year's legacy.

Is communication getting down to the councils in a timely manner? Are they aware of our and your incentives? Are district deputies providing the state membership team with dates for membership drives, informational sessions and First Degrees? Are district deputies filling out and sending forms 450?

At the end of August, 16.67% of the goal should be the pace for Circle of Honor. Now is the time to get your teams and councils in the recruitment mode and used to a higher pace. Remember that one or two people cannot do this alone, you need the support and help of your entire state team to be successful and as the saying goes, "you cannot make the COH in the summer but you can certain lose it!"