Click here to read the memo from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson


On behalf of the Saskatchewan State Officers and State Ceremonials Director, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has appointed our Immediate Past State Deputy Denis Carignan as Field Director, Ceremonials for all of Canada, joining the Fraternal Mission Department.  Please see the attached memo from the Supreme Knight announcing the appointment.

In his email to the Canadian State Deputies, Brother Gary Nolan, Vice President, Fraternal Education, Training and Ceremonials said to us “Denis is a great addition to our Fraternal Mission Staff and will be a great resource to each of you.  Additionally, being a bilingual greatly helps. He will be contacting each of your with his new contact information.  Going forward, you should consider him to be your first point of contact, for all Ceremonials questions, whether English of French.”

As the Field Director, Ceremonials – Canada, Brother Denis will work closely with the Canadian State Ceremonials Chairmen, State Deputies and the State Degree Teams to ensure that Degree Candidates experience the full  intent and meaning of the lessons being taught.  We look forward to receiving his help, assistance and expertize. 

Brother Denis has earned this great distinction and we thank you for your contributions to the team effort that has made Saskatchewan so successful these past two years. 

Please pass this information and congratulations on to your Council members.

God Bless
Brian Schatz
State Deputy
Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus