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The image is a copy of the original Icon which features an etching of the Holy Family by the 18th-century artist Giovanni Balestra. At the end of the Wednesday morning Mass, State Deputies from each of the order’s seventy-four jurisdictions received a specially prepared framed image of the “Holy Family” for use in the prayer program. Presiding at the ceremony was Archbishop Chaput who inaugurated the Order's new Holy Family Prayer Program, who prayed for God’s blessing upon the State Deputies as they prepared to take the image to their jurisdictions. Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, during his homily remarked on the theme of thisprayer program; “We are called to love and serve one another and to see the gifts and talents of our family members as gifts from God that can enrich us all,” he said. “We must ask God to restore our families in love, and teach us to be more forgiving, and to cherish and nurture the unique gifts of others.” The initiative will begin with prayer for the success of the World Meeting of the Families as well as the Synod of Bishops on the family, which will take place in Rome in October.

This is real easy. You need only location and people. Grand Knights, appoint a person to contact your parish priest to introduce and promote a service. We would like to see each council host at least one service. Local councils are asked to sponsor prayer services in parish churches and other locations before sending the image to a neighboring council. Contact your District Deputy to schedule your Holy Family Prayer Program.

Each image will come in a specially designed carrying case, which will allow the image to be safely transported throughout the jurisdiction.

Inside the case will be a log book for that image. Each time a council conducts a prayer service, the number of attendees should be noted in the log book.

Throughout the program, the Program Coordinator (Mike Bzdel) will periodically ask for updates on the number of services and the number of attendees...these completed log books will be the only means to access that information.

A supply of Holy Family Prayer Books and Prayer Cards for each image will be provided. These will come in a sturdy plastic briefcase, again to allow safe transportation throughout the jurisdiction. Supreme has also electronic versions of these books and cards to the Order's web site at www.kofc.org. These supplies will not last the duration of the program, you'll be able to order additional quantities at any time through our State Coordinator Mike Bzdel... please allow about two weeks for delivery. Email Mike Bzdel, click here.

Holy Family Prayer Program January, 2018 Start Date


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