State Secretary’s Message
By Chris Bencharski

Dear Brother Knights,
Time flies by quickly and by now all councils in Sask. should be in full swing in their programming and membership activities.
New member recruitment was emphasized during this past month by holding Church Drives. Howev-er, if your council did not held a church drive, one can be held in any month of the year.
Let us make a special effort to ask every eligible Catholic man to join our ranks so that he can be given the opportunity to belong to our great Order and to become involved through service in charita-ble outreach programs, to take advantage of the many benefits of membership in the Knights of Co-lumbus and to grow spiritually in his faith.
No man is too busy to be an active Knight of Columbus. By spending just 24 hours with us will ena-ble a knight to serve his parish and help those in need in the community, grow in his faith, and pro-vide him access to an exclusive top-rated insurance program to protect his family.
Personally, I can proudly say that becoming a member of the Knights of Columbus has helped me to grow in my faith, to be more merciful, and to serve the Church with more conviction.
Below is an example of how the involvement with the Knights of Columbus for just 24 hours can add something significant to a man’s life.
-8 HOURS a year working with his council on a charitable outreach program
-3 HOURS a year enjoying a council social function such as a family dinner, dance or picnic
-4HOURS a year attending council meetings
-4 HOURS a year (15 minutes a month) reading the Sask. Knight line, the Columbia Magazine or
visiting the Sask. State Website at or the Supreme website
-1 HOUR meeting with the Knights of Columbus insurance agent to get a free analysis about the
top-rated programs available only to members and their families
-4 hours a month attending Sunday Mass with other brother knights and their families
In an address to the Knights of Columbus, Pope Francis encouraged the knights to continue to work towards the renewal of the church through their charitable efforts, prayer and witnesses of their lives.
He called on the knights to continue in fidelity to the mission of the venerable Father Michael McGivney, seek-ing new ways of being a leaven of the Gospel and a force for the spiritual renewal of society.
Pope Francis pointed to St. Joseph as “an admirable model of these manly virtues of quiet strength, integrity and fidelity which the Knights of Columbus are committed to preserving, cultivating and passing on to future generations of catholic men.”
I encourage all knights throughout Sask. to continue to be involved in doing the good work to assist in charita-ble projects, in renewal and evangelization of your parish, and to be admirable role models for your family and parish community.
Vivat Jesus,
Chris Bencharski—State Secretary/Northwest Cluster Leader