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Brother Knights:

A copy of the Council Activity Program Description Form and details of the State Council Recognition Program are in-cluded in this Knightline. Every day Knights impact their parishes and communities. Tell us how your council makes a difference by sharing your program. I encourage all councils to report on all your Council Activity Programs.
There are ten categories your Council can report on. Activities for Church, Community, Council, PR/Communications, Culture of Life, Family, Membership, Special Olympics, Youth and Young Adult. Please use a separate form for each category.
Each District Deputy is encouraged to promote the use of the Council Activity Program Description Form in his District and help with any assistance council's may require in completing the form.
The State Council Service Program Award has not changed. Councils are required to submit their completed Form STSP with all supplementary material, at any time during the year, to the State General Program Director. Deadline for receiving this report at State Office is March 1, 2018.
Reminder to all councils who have not submitted Form 185 and Form 365. These forms help State and Supreme Coun-cils send out information to keep you up-to-date with what is happening, offer assistance and help your council succeed and continue to grow and improve as you serve your community.
The Fraternal Leader Success Planner is a great tool for each council to keep track of all your council activities. The planner is designed to prepare you for your submission of the Columbian Award Application (SP-7) and the Annual Sur-vey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) forms.
Remember that the following forms are all due January 31, 2018 – Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728), Partner-ship Profile Report with Special Olympics (#4584), Free Throw Participation Report Form (FT-1) and Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Participation Form (#4001).
Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish – All councils are required to implement Domestic Church activities into their annual action plan.
To do this, work with your pastor in organizing activities best suited to your parish families. There are four categories of Domestic Church activities for councils to choose from, including Member Activities, Family Activities, Parish Activities and Community Activities. For a checklist of Domestic Church activities and further details, see the July 2017 issue of Knightline, available at

Domestic Church activities councils may consider at this time of year are:
1. Journey to the Inn – A simple way to Keep Christ in Christmas
2. The Domestic Church initiative calls on all councils to build up the relationship between families and parish-es and to strengthen parish youth ministry. This Advent, bring families closer to the Holy Family through Journey to the Inn: An Advent Celebration (#9898 - available free of charge in lots of 300, shipping costs apply). Additional resources and action steps are available at
3. Reclaim Christmas for Christ
4. Remind your community that Christmas is a holy day celebrating the birth of Christ by sponsoring a “Keep Christ in Christmas” poster or essay contest or by publicly displaying Nativity scenes. Greet people with “Merry Christmas”. Support materials are available from the Supreme Council Supply Department. Visit for details.
5. Spread the Light of Christ
6. Knights and their families are invited to spread the light of Christ by joining the Order’s annual tree lighting celebration. Councils are asked to light a Nativity scene and/or Christmas tree on Dec. 6 at 8:00 pm local time. This celebration is a wonderful way to celebrate with brother Knights, family and friends. A Spread the Light of Christ poster (#2757) is available from the Supreme Council Supply Department. For details, visit
7. Persecuted Christians Awareness Week – How You Can Participate
8. On Nov. 26, the Knights will join the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in sponsoring a day of prayer for persecuted Christians. This day will kick off a week of awareness and education. With Christians in the Middle East facing increased pressure and receiving very little governmental support, we need to help to raise awareness on their behalf. First, reach out to your councils. Second, raise awareness in your par-ish by organizing a prayer service specifically for the intentions of the Christians in the Middle East. Follow this service with a fundraising drive in support of the Knights of Columbus Christian Refugee Relief Fund. Finally, spread the word of the crisis among your communities by distributing materials from the USCCB, found at For more information, visit
If you have any questions related to the General Program Director position, please feel free to send me an email at
I will do my best to get you an answer.
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