Brothers Knights:

As you are reading this, summer is over. 2018-2019 Fraternal Year is nearly 25% over. We are into fall. Time for us to start moving forward with our Knights of Columbus Service Programs. Think about all the good things your council can do for your Church and your Community. Plan your participation in the following programs - Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP), Building the Domestic Church Kiosk, Rosary Program (October is dedicated the Month of the Holy Rosary. October 7 - is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary), Holy Hour, Food for Families, Family of the Month, Keep Christ in Christmas, Family Prayer Night, Coats for Kids, Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, Basketball Free Throw Championship, Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest, Soccer Challenge, March for Life, Special Olympics, Novena for Life and Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest. Order all the necessary kits/forms required to carry out these Programs through Supplies Online. Council officers should log into Officers Online using the "Sign In" button at the very top of the page and then click on the Supplies Online icon.

As Supreme has completely redesigned all these kits/forms to meet the Faith in Action program, I suggest every council to recycle/destroy all current information you may have on hand and reorder the new current information.

Faith in Action: A New Model for a New Age
The new program model "Faith in Action" is here to help Catholics and to help grow your council. Faith in Action programs will help us become the men God created us to be - witnesses of strong faith. These pro-grams can also help recruit men who are looking for a deeper relationship with God. When we come togeth-er as Knights, we accomplish great things. It changes you, and everyone you encounter, forever. With our new programs, we’ll keep making a difference, touching hearts and together bringing the joy of Christ to the world. Please continue to spread the word about Faith in Action!

The Faith in Action guidebook, in English, will be available on Supplies Online starting September 19, 2018. This Faith in Action Program Book is being mailed (courtesy of Supreme) to all Grand Knights, Program Di-rectors, and Chaplains. If your council requires extra copies, please have your Financial Secretary order them.

For all information on the Faith in Action model go to .


Safe Environment - Office of Youth Protection:
Last year, Supreme added some requirements that caused confusion. This year, those requirements changed again along with an entire new Program Model. One of the biggest changes is the youth protection training needed by every council. Remember that councils need to be compliant with all the new Safe Environment requirements to be eligible for Star Council Award.

The following people in your council need training and background check:


  • Grand Knight - training
  • Program Director - training
  • Family Director - training and background check
  • Community Director - training and background check


Remain compliant with updated Safe Environment requirements (see for details).

Supreme Forms:
Remember to complete and submit your council paperwork to Supreme.

  • Form 185 - the revised Report of Officers Chosen for the Term - due by June 30.
  • Form 365 - the revised Service Program Personnel Report - due by August 1. In order for your council to earn the Columbian Award, submission of this form is one of the requirements.
  • Form 1295 - Semi-annual Council Audit Report - due by August 15.


Submission of your council reports and forms help State and Supreme councils send information to council leadership, monitor the health of your council, keep up to date with what is happening in your council, see where we need to improve, offer assistance or make changes and much more. We are here to help your council succeed and continue to grow and improve as you serve our communities.
All forms are available on Supreme website

Council Activity Program Description Form
Attached in this newsletter you will find a copy of the Council Activity Program Description Form. Thank you to the councils that submitted their Council Activity Program Description Forms, continue to submit them to me. To councils that I have not heard from, please start using this form to report on all your Council Activity Programs. Remember that without strong Council Activity Programs, your council will not attract new membership nor will it be able to retain the members you currently have.

The form is also available on website under Forms & Applications for State Council Events - Council Activity Program Report Form.


State Council Recognition Program

Attached in this newsletter you will find a copy of the revised information for this Fraternal Year on Activity Program Awards. Activity Program Awards will be based on three levels - councils with over 80 members, councils with 51 to 80 members and councils with under 50 members. Please read the State Council Recognition Program document to fully understand the changes for this Fraternal Year. A copy of the document is on the website under Forms & Applications for State Council Events - Council Activity Program Report Form.

Thank you for all you do for the Knights.

If you have any questions about the new "Faith in Action" program, please feel free to contact me.

Vivat Jesus
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director