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Brother Knights:
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Continue to submit your council’s monthly activities on the Council Activity Program Description Form. The form is available on website.
Continue using the Fraternal Leader Success Planner to plan your programs for the next 6 months. Good planning brings success to your council, keeps your members active and possibly will encourage new members to join your coun-cil. The planner will also remind you of important Supreme and State programs. It is a great tool to keep track of all your council activities and to track your council's progress each month. Use the Success Planner to plan, track and re-port on your results.
Reminder of upcoming Report Form due dates:
1). January 31 - Form #5023 – Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Participation.
2). January 31 - Form #1728 – Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity. It is very important that all councils have this form completed and sent in before or by the due date.
3). January 31 - Form #4584 – Partnership Profile Report with Special Olympics.
4). January 31 - Form #FT-1 – Free Throw Championship Participation – Council competition by end of January, District competition by mid-February and Zone competition by March 1.
5). February 1 – Council Activity Program Description Form.
6). February 15 - Form #1295 – Semi-annual Council Audit for period ended December 31, 2017.
7). March 1 – Form STSP – State Council Service Program (Single Project) Awards.
8). March 1 - Form #18 - Family of the Year.
9). March 15 - Form #4001 – Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest Participation.
10). March 15 – Form #4216 – Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest.
These forms can be found at or in the Council Reports Forms Booklet (#1436). Item 5). Form can be found at
Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish – Building the Domestic Church initiative is a series of programs that will help members, their families and Catholics grow and develop in their faith. Many councils are suc-cessfully incorporating Domestic Church programs such as Family Rosary Services, the Journey to the Inn and Conse-cration to the Holy Family into their programming schedules. If your council has not yet done this here are a few sug-gestions on how to get involved:
1). Meet with your pastor to plan your 2018 event calendar. Parish priorities should drive your council’s activities.
2). Read or watch the Supreme Knight’s Domestic Church address, found at, under “Latest News.”
3). Explore There you can find resources to help your council plan activities.
4). Promote Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive (#10162). Order copies of the program for your members, and ask your Chaplain or lecturer to incorporate the monthly theme into your meetings.
5). Start a study group for your parish and council using Bishop Olmsted’s Into the Breach (#340). In particular, focus on discussing and implementing the “Practices of a Committed Catholic Man” mentioned in the booklet.
It is important to note that Building the Domestic Church programs are not intended to replace those that your council is already successfully implementing. It is however, recommended that every council evaluate each program they spon-sor, modifying or eliminating those that do not meet the needs of the members, parish and community.
To earn the Columbian Award, SP-7, councils must now conduct at least four Surge with Service activities that are also designated as Domestic Church activities.
For more information on the Building the Domestic Church initiative and a listing of BDC programs, visit
Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
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January 2018
Vivat Jesus
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director