Brothers Knights:

The start of the new fraternal year brings new leaders, new programs and new goals. Congratulations to all elected Grand Knights, whether newly elected or re-elected. Your position is one of importance and pride. The State Program Directors and Chairmen are ready to help you attain Star Council. Congratulations to the following State Program Directors - Faith Director - Paul Ponak, Family Director - Ron Denis, Community Director - Dale Meier and Life Director - Gerald Wiegers and to all the Chairmen in the four Faith in Action categories.

Also, welcome to all new and returning District Deputies for this Fraternal Year.

Faith in Action: A New Model for a New Age
Starting on July 1st, the new program model "Faith in Action" will be in effect bringing a new focus on programs in four categories - Faith, Family, Community and Life. Faith in Action is straightfor-ward and easy to implement. It provides all Knights the opportunity to do what they do best; stand shoulder to shoulder as a force for good in their home, parish, community and the world.

Each council should appoint individual faith, family, community and life directors. There will no long-er be a need to appoint a youth or council director. All Youth and Council categories have been consolidated into the Faith, Family and Community categories. No programs have been eliminated.

Yes, there now is a change to the SP-7 - Columbian Award requirements. Councils now have to complete 4 programs in 4 categories instead of 4 programs in 6 categories. That means completing only 16 programs instead of 24 programs as in previous years. Supreme has introduced 9 new pro-grams. Four of these are required programs - in each category there is 1 required program to earn the Columbian Award. With the 4 required programs - 1 in each category, councils now only have 12 more programs to do - 1 program/month. Supreme has kept all 8 featured programs as in previ-ous years. Featured program used to count for the entire category in the SP-7, now it counts as 2 credits or 1/2 of the category.
For all information on the Faith in Action model go to There you will find the Faith in Action guidebook for everyone of the 32 Supreme recommended programs, all the pro-gram guide sheets and frequently asked questions

Safe Environment - Office of Youth Protection:
Under Faith in Action, certain state and council officers/chairmen are required to take the safe envi-ronment training and may also be required to provide authorization for a background check. In past years, the GK and Youth Director were the only ones who had to take the safe environment training. Now there are 4 people who need to be trained and 2 background checks. Safe environment train-ing will be done by the GK, Program Director, Family Director and Community Director. Background checks will be done on the Family Director and Community Director. Please make sure you fill out your Form #365 correctly with names in these positions and with correct e-mail addresses. Supreme has put this training and background checks in place to protect the youth in our parishes and communities as well as the Knights in our councils. Let us all get our councils compliant early in order to continue our good works.


Council Activity Program Description Form
Attached in this newsletter you will find a copy of the revised Council Activity Program Description Form. The form still has the ten categories from last year, however the category names have been changed to reflect the Faith in Action model. Please continue to submit your council activities on the revised form to me monthly or quarterly. A copy of the form is on the website under Forms & Applications for State Council Events - Council Activity Program Report Form

State Council Recognition Program
Attached in this newsletter you will find a copy of the revised information for this Fraternal Year on Activity Program Awards. Activity Program Awards will be based on three levels - councils with over 80 members, councils with 51 to 80 members and councils with under 50 members. Please read the State Council Recognition Program document to fully understand the changes for this Fraternal Year. A copy of the document is on the website under Forms & Applications for State Council Events - Council Activity Program Report Form

Upcoming deadlines and/or past due:

  • July 1 - the revised Report of Officers Chosen for the Term (#185).
  • August 1 - the revised Service Program Personnel Report (#365).

All forms are available on Supreme website
Remember that your Parish Priest will continue with daily and weekly Sunday Masses, we as Knights should also continue our good works throughout the summer.

Thank you for all you do for the Knights.

If you have any questions about the "Faith in Action" program, please feel free to contact me.

Vivat Jesus
Eugene Achtemichuk
State General Program Director