Culture of Life Report

Based upon the belief and conviction that we, as Knights of Columbus, stand for Life from conception to natural death we are thus called upon to speak out in support for Life and as well to demonstrate our defense of Life through peaceful means and actions.

During this, the 2018-19 Columbian Year, we are challenged to consider how best we individually and collectively are able to provide of our time, energy and resources towards assisting others towards defending and protecting Life.
Please take the time to thoughtfully read through and consider some of the following for your Council’s and individual Member’s possible endeavors:

  • Attendance at Pro-Life rallies and Pilgrimages including the Annual Provincial March for Life in Regina, the Life Chains in various communities and pilgrimages such as are held at “Our Lady of Lourdes” shrines in Rama and near Duck Lake and also the Pilgrimage at the Pro-Life Millennium Cross near Aberdeen each year.
  • Provide assistance financially or in other ways for Groups/Organizations or
    individuals who provide services that truly demonstrate respect and support
    for Life. Three such Groups/Organizations include the Pregnancy Options
    Center in Saskatoon, Birth Right in Regina and the Palliative care units within our local hospitals.
  • Become part of the movement to provide Christian relief for refugees. More
    on this will be upcoming in this Columbian Year.
  • Being present to visit and assist Brother Knights, their wives and family and
    indeed, others in society, all who have need for comfort and the presence of
    someone through an illness they have incurred or during their final days of
  • Include Prayers daily in one’s Life – Prayer for the unborn, for those who are
    marginalized in society including the mentally and physically challenged and
    the Elderly. Also pray for our Government Leaders, that they will take necessary actions to protect and safeguard all human Life from conception to natural death.
  • The Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus are called upon to be instrumental
    in the effort to ask our Provincial Government to enact Conscience Rights
    Legislation that will protect Health Care Professionals and Care-Home Facilities from having to act against their conscience with respect to Life and death issues. This endeavor is very much proceeding. I would encourage individual member Knights and /or Councils to contact their MLA and other MLA’s as well, to ask for their commitment to seriously pursue the passage of such Conscience Protection Legislation.

Vivat Jesus,
Gerald & Bernie Wiegers
Culture of Life Couple