Brother Knights:

In the Convention booklet that was given each Council representative at this year’s Convention, my report was provided on page 139. Please take the time to read through the items I had listed including Roger Foley, who desires assisted life, not assisted death; various articles of significant interest and importance on the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition site and the upcoming annual ‘March for Life’ to be held this May 7 and 8 in Regina.

We are often reminded of our role, as member Knights of Columbus, as being the strong right arm of the Church and in support of our Bishops and Priests. Bishops Albert Thevenot, Mark Hagemoen and Archbishop Don Bolen are slated to be present for the ‘March for Life’ – Let us, as Brother Knights, demonstrate our support for the Unborn and the Cause for the Culture of Life and also for our Bishops and the Priests present at the ‘March for Life’ !

I wish to speak briefly on other Culture of Life Projects ongoing:


  • We are presently awaiting a response from the Sask. Gov. Minister of Justice as to whether the Gov. is favorable towards attempting to proceed with legislation respecting Conscience Protection for Health Care Professionals and Christian Health Care Institutions from having to act against their conscience.
  • The Dying Healed Program is actively proceeding within the Saskatoon Diocese. I have discussed this Program with Bishop Albert Thevenot and he has indicated he is favorable with advancing this type Program within the Prince Albert Diocese. I will be seeking to discuss having this Program considered within the Regina Archdiocese.
  • I have been able to have several discussions with Brother Tim Scatliff, my counterpart from Manitoba State and we are embarked upon setting up a communication network, nationally, with our counterparts from across Canada. To date, largely due to Brother Tim’s diligent efforts, we have eight out of ten representatives located and identified as eager to begin communications. It is our intent to set up a network of communications that will assist one another in working together on Projects/Activities of common interest and concern!

In closing I would ask all Brother Knights for your continued support and engagement within Culture of Life Projects and activities including your signing of the Canada Family Action Pledge that had been circulated at this Convention.

Vivat Jesus
Gerald & Bernie Wiegers
Culture of Life Couple