State Youth Program

Just a few reminders about K of C programs underway.
Soccer Challenge should be nearly completed.
If you still need the soccer challenge forms you can go online at You can also download the K of C soccer guide at
When you do your regional competition – be sure to have your winners kick off state kicks as well. And email me your results soon thereafter. Please email me your score sheet results of your state scores. I need your different cate-gories’ winners; their mailing addresses and the parent or guardian’s name. I also need their council number and district number. This is needed to deter-mine the State winners and to forward results for the International competition. State winner information needs to be off to Supreme by mid December.
My email address is:
Councils that are participating in the soccer challenge should complete the par-ticipation report (form 4567) and send copies to those listed as well as myself (so I can report on numbers participating).
District Deputies: Please note – if your district is doing a district competition – you can still order medals free of charge by calling 203-752-4016.
Just a note on doing a soccer challenge – Saskatoon Districts held its regional soccer challenge on Saturday, September 30th this year at the Soccer Centre. It is a nice touch to do it in a soccer centre. I know the only prohibiting factor is the cost. But you don’t have to be concerned about the weather whatsoever.
Basketball Freethrow (BBFT) will be starting in the New Year. BBFT kits should be ordered now to ensure getting them to the schools in the New Year.
Again, it is important to have your Youth Director contact the schools within your council’s jurisdiction as soon as you get the kits after Nov. 1st so teachers will get a jump on getting their school’s winners for the district competition. Be sure to set a date ASAP for your district’s competition and then also your regional competition. Coordinate with your fellow DD’s within your region to set the regional date.
When you do your regional competition – be sure to have your winners throw state free throws as well. And email me your results soon thereafter.
At both the BBFT and Soccer Competitions – be sure to have juice and donuts (or goodies) for the participants as well as your volunteers.
For both competitions, you will need assistance with set up, take down, judging.
For the BBFT I have a script that I read at the start of the competition to all of the par-ticipants and parents, etc. that are present. Just to ensure you don’t have some irate people. If you want the script – email me and I will email it to you.
Other youth programs for your council to participate in include: substance abuse awareness poster contest, keep Christ in Christmas poster contest, catholic citizen-ship essay contest. Kits can be ordered directly from Supreme for all of these pro-grams.
Don’t forget the coats for kids’ annual program. You can order the coats through the Sask K of C Charitable Foundation. This way your purchase goes towards your coun-cil’s quota for the foundation.
I have been tasked to collect the names and addresses of youth camps that are sup-ported by K of C councils in the province. The intent is to put this list on the State website so all councils know where they can support youth camps. I hope to have this put together by this December.
Please email me the following information in regards to K of C supported youth camps:
ï‚· Legal name of the youth camp
ï‚· Address of the camp
ï‚· Councils / Districts that support the camps
ï‚· If you have email addresses for the camps
Thank you All for what you are doing for the youth in your councils.
Vivat Jesus!
Dale Meier / SK State Youth Program Director