5th Sunday Rosary Program

  • This church activity program was established to help bring parishioners together in a spiritual activity and to pro-mote devotion to Mary.
  • Councils who conduct this church activity every time a 5th Sunday occurs during a month in the 2017-2018 fra-ternal year allows you to list each one in the church activities section on the Columbian Award Application.
  • 5th Sundays occur on July 30th, Oct. 29th, Dec. 31st & April 29th. Since July has past, you can make up this date as soon as possible and still count it towards this activity.

More information can be found on the supreme website by following this link:

Holy Family Prayer Program

  • The Holy Family Prayer Program began August 4, 2015 at the 133rd Supreme Convention in Philadelphia. This program features an image of the Holy Family. Each Knights of Columbus jurisdiction received several Holy Fami-ly images, which will be the centerpiece of prayer services conducted in churches and council meeting places throughout the Order for the duration of the program.
  • We hope to start this program in October as soon as I receive the prayer book-lets and prayer cards, the schedule will be send out in October and will also be available on the state website when it is completed.

Spiritual Enrichment

  • As part of our Saskatchewan Fraternal Year Action Plan that was distributed by our State Deputy prior to the organizational meeting one of the action items under church activities is to ensure at least 100 councils order material from Catholic Information Service (CIS) for each of the 5 spiritual themes the Grand Knight and Council Chaplain have decided for the year’s spiritual themes. The idea is to pick 5 themes from CIS, order the pamphlets on these themes, council members to review and educate themselves on the topics with your chaplain’s assistance then at mass on one weekend make a short presentation on one of the topics to the congregation. After mass had out the same pamphlets on the topic discussed pointing out some of your favorite messages to parishioners. What a great way for your council to evangelize and help build the Domestic Church.
  • Here is the link to the CIS on the supreme website.
  • Please fill out and return the short survey that you should receive very soon to let me know if you are participat-ing in this program.

Ride to Church

  • Another item in the Action Plan mentioned above is for councils to establish a “Ride to Church” program with at least 50 councils participating/reporting by July 31, 2018. I am positive many of you already do this service and only need to report this activity on your monthly reports.
  • Please fill out and return the short survey that you should receive very soon to let me know if you are participat-ing in this program

Mike Bzdell
Church and Vocations Director