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Christ the King Knights of Columbus Council 10167

Grand Knight:  Dale Flamand        Deputy Grand Knight: Larry Lisko

Chancellor:   Doug Shackelford     Recorder: Tom Farrell

Financial Secretary:  Tom Humphries  Treasurer:  Ben Humphries



‘I have a Dream’, this was a big vision of a man that sought to change minds. Doctor King made and continues to make a difference.
We, the Knights of Columbus, have a vision too. That all life is a gift from God and should be respected and protected. The Ultrasound Initiative is one of the best ways we as Knights of Columbus can change minds and make a difference. Council 10167 was contacted by Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center to help fund the purchase of an Ultrasound for their ‘Stork Bus’, a mobile unit that will give access to more woman in deciding for life.
Knights of Columbus Council 10167 has started a campaign called “37 for 365”. Our goal is for Thirty-Seven Churches to donate $365.00 for a total of $13,505.00 which is about half the cost of the Ultrasound.
The vision is to bring the larger Pro-Life Community together for this purchase that will promote and save the lives of many un-born children and to give their mother’s peace in knowing that they have made a good decision for their child and themselves. By bringing the Pro-Life Community together we will be doing more for Christian Unity. By doing and giving of our time and treasure together for the good of all we are an outward sign of our spiritual bond in Christ.
So why should you join with the Knights of Columbus on this Pro-Life Campaign? The Knights will pay for the other half of the $27,425.00 needed to purchase the Ultrasound (there will be $207.50 that will needed to be added by Council 10167 to fully fund this campaign). If 37 Churches Can Donate $365.00, one dollar for every day of the year, the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative will pay for the balance, $13,712.50. Your Church, for very little money can make a life changing, life giving difference.
Doctor King made a difference in all our lives. If we work together we to can make a difference in a few very precious lives, a little unborn child and its mother.
Ms. Nicole S. Lashbrook, the Executive Director of Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center, added the following to explanation as to who and how your donation will support and benefit our community:
‘The ministry of St. Joseph’s Helpers is a Catholic lay apostolate founded by Father Joseph Neilson, a Carmelite priest with a passion to serve women facing crisis pregnancies. It was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) on September 25, 1987. In 2011, the ministry rebranded and began doing business as the Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center (APRC). Its location across the street from the sole surgical abortion facility in the state is critical in achieving its mission: Eliminate the demand for abortion in Arkansas by empowering individuals to make life-affirming choices.
Today, we serve women and their families by offering free pregnancy confirmation and option counseling with accurate health information in a non-judgmental environment. In 2016, the APRC documented 244
Grand Knight Deputy Grand Knight Chancellor
Dale Flamand Larry Lisko Doug Shackelford
Recorder Financial Secretary Treasurer
Tom Farrell Tom Humphries Ben Humphries
Christ the King Knights of Columbus Council 10167
babies born after receiving our care; 76 of those births were saved from abortion. Total number of
individual women served that year were 386 that made 1080 overall visits. Our services include:
- Medical grade urine pregnancy tests
- Limited first-trimester ultrasound
- Sexual transmitted disease testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
- Community referrals
- On-site classes for parenting and sexual health
The Stork Bus is a mobile medical unit that will allow our team to be available to women before they even
consider abortion. Through honest information about a woman’s health, we can turn her fear of the
unknown into confidence thus empowering her to bring life to her unborn child. Our Stork Bus will allow
us to reach clients who may have never heard of a pregnancy care center and the resources they offer,
enabling our services to be more available within the greater Little Rock community.’
Brothers and Sisters, we can make a real difference. Help, and be part of this great good.
Dale Flamand, Grand Knight Council 10167