Hello again Brother Knights,

Yes it is me again, simply reminding you that membership recruitment is tremendously important to the Knights of Co-lumbus, but even more important to your councils. New members bring new ideas and new enthusiasm to you councils, which leads to new programs and new workers to help carry out all your programs. But, more important, membership in the KofC helps Catholic men in our parishes to strengthen their faith lives.
I strongly encourage every council to have a church drive. The pulpit announced that i sent out to every Grand Knight is very good for recruiting new members. It was written by a priest, i believe in Ontario, to give a little history about the Knights of Columbus and the challenges that are yet to come. The councils that have used it have had very good suc-cess recruiting new members. Please, if you haven’t done so already, talk to your parish priest and set up your church drive. One council that had not recruited a new member for five years or more had fourteen parishioners show interest in joining the order after mass.
Also, membership recruitment is not just for one weekend. We should be asking everyone we see in church, our family members, and our co-workers all year long to join our ranks. It is no mistake, what we do IS IMPORANT !
Don’t forget there are many people who need our help. We do so much for so many needy in the world and we need to continue to make a difference. God Bless James Nestmann
State Membership Director