Hello again Bro. Knights,

Just a quick reminder that it is not too late to sign up a new member. Remember that new members are the life blood of your council. They bring you new ideas, enthusiasm and man power. They are the future.


We have been talking about the Church Drives and I hope you have had, or are planning to have a church before the end of June. We also introduced the “Father wants You” method for recruitment. Both of these methods work as proven by councils across the province, but only if we make an effort and give it an honest try. We also talked about online membership. This is for those parishioners who are not yet ready to join a parish based council. It is not meant to re-place your membership recruitment drives but to supplement your membership in the future. If you can't get them to sign the "form 100" give them the web address: “” and encourage them to have a quick look at the site. It is done very well and they may just join on line. They can then be transferred into your council at a latter date. I encourage you to try to finish the Columbian year strong by bringing in at least one new member per council.


God Bless,

Vivat Jesu

James Nestmann
State Membership Director