Member Retention is a very significant part of every Council’s activities throughout the Columbian year. The task of Council member retention begins as soon as the Ad-mission (First Degree) Ceremonial is conferred upon a new member. From the start, new members should be encouraged to be active and to participate in the Formation (Second Degree) and Knighthood (Third Degree) Ceremonials. To inspire both new and current First Degree members, that have been inactive for more than one year, promote the Shining Armour Award.

To earn the Shining Armour Award, Knights must:

  • Be involved in at least three Council service programs
  • Attend at least three Council business meetings
  • Receive their Second and Third Degrees
  • Meet with your Council’s Insurance Representative
  • Recruit at least one new member

Your Council must ensure that each Knight has the ability to earn the Shining Armour Award. Here are some steps to ensure your members succeed:

  • Set the service program calendar early in the Fraternal Year and publi-cize it to the membership. Example: dates of Council Meetings, 5th Sunday Church Ministries, Parish Pancake Breakfasts, Coats For Kids Program. Advent and Council Celebrations.
  • Regularly review service programs to determine if they were success-ful
  • Send out a Member/Prospect Interest Survey (#1842) annually to de-termine the interests of your members
  • Utilize the suggestions of members for new service programs or to im-prove current service programs
  • Ask different members to take leadership roles in service programs and your Council
  • Make Council meetings productive
  • Utilize member’s time efficiently on meeting nights
  • Present information in a clear and concise manner
  • Hold officer meetings prior to Council meetings
  • Follow a meeting agenda
  • Provide a schedule of Formation (Second Degree) and Knighthood (Third Degree) Ceremonials
  • Host Fraternal benefit nights
  • Invite the field agent to Council meetings and allow him to speak


  • The Retention Committee is made up of the Deputy Grand Knight and the Council Trustees. The Retention Committee should contact delin-quent members and discuss their reasons for being inactive and invite them to become active again.
  • Through implementing the points above, your Council will keep all mem-bers involved and active.

If you have any questions or require my assistance,
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Vivat Jesus
Jim Stoffel
Member Retention Chairman