Council Activities Report

I encourage you to look often at the Events calendar on the State website. From the ‘home page’ it can be found by clicking on Sask State Council Forms or click on this link.
Recently, we have received applications to host State events/activities. Thank you to those Councils who have made those applications. We will work closely with you to ensure, as much as possible, that your involvement & participation in these events will offer your Council &/or District a positive experience! Work closely with your District Deputy and keep those applications coming in!
October & November are months for Order-wide Church drives. If your Council has completed their drive, great! If ‘no’, there is still time to schedule one. Speak with your Priest so that he is aware of your plan & can provide his support. Also your insurance agent and DD are a valuable resource. Don’t hesitate to call on them for assistance.
Many Councils would have participated in the 5th Sunday Rosary program at the end of October. Remember to submit your Council activity/program reports for this & the other projects you’re involved in. As well, # 10243 is the report to submit to Supreme. Speaking of reports, the end of 2017 is nearing & Councils will be preparing to submit their Fraternal Surveys # 1728 (due Jan 31). For many reasons it is extremely important to complete the survey. I have a spread sheet that mirrors the survey. Input the applicable data & totals are calculated for you which then can be entered into the survey itself. If you would be interested in having a look at the form, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Finally, November 11th, Remembrance Day – a special day to pay tribute to the men & women, past & pre-sent, who gave/give selflessly to ensure our freedoms & way of life. Let us take the time to attend a service – Lest we Forget!
Paul Ponak, Director
State Council Activities