Council Activities Report

As this is my first report for the State newsletter, I thought I would provide a brief introduction. Our home is in Regina & I am a member of Archbishop O’Neill Council # 8996. I have had various roles in the K of C’s, most recently as District Deputy for District # 2. Thank you (I think) to SD Brian for appointing me to this position. I look forward to working with the State Board, Program Directors, District Deputies & Councils this year.

Speaking of year....we are already one-quarter of the way through this Columbian year! Councils are well into their ac-tivities & programs. Your Charity Appeal campaigns are in full-swing and, in some cases, may even be completed. All Councils should be involved in this program as the rebates received are used for our many charitable works.

I encourage you to look often at the Events calendar on the State website. From the ‘home page’ it can be found by clicking on Sask State Council Forms or click on this link. Ideally, Councils will participate in these State activities – many are family orientated. Golf, curling, the convention (examples) encourage attendance for the entire family. Also, attend-ance brings fraternity to the forefront. It just feels good!

As you review the list of events you will note that there are a few that have not yet been awarded. Consider an applica-tion from your Council or District for one of these events, particularly if it might be in conjunction with a milestone like an anniversary or other celebration. If you would like more information or just wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In the Surge...With Service booklet, which all GKs should have, the featured program under the Council Activities area is Special Olympics. The requirements to achieve the Columbian Award in this program area are outlined, including the various reports necessary to submit.

To close I wish you all a successful year.

Paul Ponak, Director
State Council Activities