Dear Brother Knights,

I have a prayer request that I would like all Knights to use and to bring into their adoration hour beginning now and continuing as needed. We have a very sick little boy in the parish. Keaton Barrón is seven years old. Five years ago he was diagnosed with leukemia. It was supposed to be a very treatable form. Initially he responded well to treatment. But the leukemia keeps coming back and it now seems available treatments are not working. At this point we need a miraculous healing. Therefore, as Pastor, I am asking all to add this intention to your prayers, Masses, and holy hours of adoration and to make specific use of the prayer (below) through the intercession of Blessed Stanley Rother. Bl. Stanley's cause needs a miracle attributed to his intercession to advance further to sainthood. Let's provide an opportunity for just such a miracle by storming heaven for Keaton through the intercession of Blessed Stanley. Please use the prayer below, in which you will notice I have inserted the specific petition for "the complete and miraculous healing of Keaton Barrón."

Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton, ST.L.
St. Monica Church

Prayer for the Intercession of Blessed Stanley Rother:

O faithful shepherd, Blessed Stanley Rother, as priest and missionary, you tilled the soil with your hands and invited Christ Jesus to till the soil of your soul. You became a sign of love of Christ the Good Shepherd for your people, and blessed their lives by your ministry. You stood firm and did not run from danger, bringing glory to God and His Church in your martyrdom. Blessed Stanley, obtain from the heart of Jesus (here make your request: the complete and miraculous healing of Keaton Barrón), and pray for me, that I too may be a sign of Christ’s love among His people. Teach me to faithfully till the soil of this life in the reality given to me by your Father, unafraid to stay with those God has given me, no matter the cost. Through Jesus Christ our Lord