Agency Report

Protect What Matters Most — Your Family


Since its inception, the Knights of Columbus has been a family-first organization.


Father McGivney strove to create an organization where Catholic men could come together to protect and support the families in their communities who needed it the most — including their own.


Today, the mission is the same. The Knights of Columbus has more than $109 bil-lion of life insurance in force, covering the lives of hundreds of thousands of our members and their families.


Knights across North America continue to trust the Order to protect them and see to it that their loved ones are well taken care of once they’re gone. Are you one of those members?


Life insurance can help you protect your loved ones in all stages of your life. And understanding how life insurance can help you protect your family while achieving your financial goals is easier than you might think.


As brother Knights, we have the honour of being part of an organization that carries out its founding mission even hundreds of years later. Your Knights of Columbus dedicated field agent is here to help you achieve this same mission — now and for years to come. His job — his mission — is to help you determine the most cost-effective means of providing your family with the coverage they need. It’s a proven fraternal system that has helped countless families.


Your dedicated field agent is available to provide a complimentary, comprehensive analysis to assess your family’s situation.


He will determine any financial shortfalls. He will also provide a solution that fits your family’s budget through top-quality products: lines of life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance and retirement annuities.


We are an organization guided by ethical and moral values that has consistently earned the highest ratings of financial strength.


Our charge remains the same as it did in 1882: To protect and provide for those in need. As your first commitment is to your family, our first commitment is to you.


Contact your local agent today and learn more about the coverage available to you through your membership with the Knights of Columbus.


Mark Lewans
General Agent