March Council Meeting Message/Talking Points

Worthy Grand Knight, Sir Knights, and Brothers all,

New members are the lifeblood of our Order! I’ll say that again: New members are the lifeblood of our Order! I think everyone agrees with that, don’t you? New members give the council they join more manpower to accomplish the good works that the Knights are known for across the world. It gives the new member an opportunity to give back to his community and help his fellow man and maybe just as importantly, it infuses the council with new and fresh ideas.

Our approach to membership can be summarized in four points:

Lead with Faith—becoming a better Catholic man, father, and husband through prayer, study, and encouragement from fellow brother Knights. Right here in this council, you have a number of programs that speak to that. For example: (Give specific examples for each council)

Serve Others—This is where many of our councils excel…they do so much to support the local community needs. Your council does (Give specific examples for each council) Councils like this one also help support our larger initiatives for the Order nationwide…even worldwide. Special Olympics, Coats for Kids, Global Wheelchair Mission…it’s a long, long list!

Defend Your Values—From the March for Life to Christian Refugee Relief to the Ultrasound Program, new members can get involved in issues that are close to their hearts and have a dramatic impact on our hurting world. (Give specific examples for each council)

Protect Your Family—This includes the Consecration to the Holy Family, our Family of the Month and Year and of course the protection afforded by our Order’s highly rated insurance and saving products. Just last month I met with several of this council’s members to update their Family Service Record and make sure the family is secure no matter what situation they face.

With so much good, why can membership be a challenge? Maybe it’s been my approach. I often assumed other men would want to join to help us, the council. But shouldn’t I be inviting men to join to help them? Help them along in their faith journey…help them discover the joy of being of service to others…help them become a better Catholic man?

So the next time I ask a Catholic man about joining the Knights, I’m going to tell him about why I joined, what it’s meant to me, how I’m better for it and how I hope I’ve made the world just a little bit of a better place because of my membership in the Knights. Then I’ll ask him what he’s looking for…I think no matter what he says, I’ll have a solution for it…right here in this council.

Vivat Jesus!