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Insurance Q&A
3. Can anyone purchase life insurance from the Knights of Columbus? The Knights of Columbus Insurance program is available to members of the Order and their families. Practical Catholic males, age 18 or older, are eligible to join.

The Lewans Agency is pleased to announce the hiring of our newest agents this
fall in Saskatchewan.

In September, Ian Rana started as a field agent in Saskatoon with rural territory in Biggar, Rosetown, Eston and Kindersley. He comes to us having worked in the commercial insurance industry with several years experience in both life and property & casualty. Ian is married to Arlin and they have a son, Christian.

In October, Clark Estrada started as a field agent in Regina and he also
covers Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Hodgeville and Ponteix. He also comes to the Order with several years experience in the life insurance and mortgage world. Clark is married to Cheska and they have two young sons, Ethan and Lukas.





For General Agent Neil Bouvier, good work is done through personal connections. The Ontario Knight sought an opportunity to get involved, and get his agents active, in serving the community.

Coats for Kids — which launched in 2009, and has since distributed 500,000 coats to children in 49 states and all 10 Canadian provinces — was his answer.
In Ontario, the average winter coat does not suffice. The Supreme Council Coats for Kids program makes available several types of coats, including heavy duty ones that are suitable for the Canadian winter.
Bouvier sought out school superintendents, to determine the needs of local children. He then began working with local field agents and council members in 2015, distributing 84 coats to students in four schools.
What started that day as a moderate service project has evolved into a province-wide movement.
“Without the councils’ buy-in there’s no way we’d be where we are today,” he said. “It’s taking on a life of its own.”
Bouvier’s agency is bringing their enthusiasm for the initiative to local areas as well, including the nearby town of Hamilton. He built a website for the Hamilton Coats for Kids effort, and joined fellow Ontario general agents in spreading the initiative across the whole province. Today, since Bouvier got involved with Coats for Kids, councils across Ontario have become more attuned to the needs of underprivileged communities and children. In 2016, Ontario Knights collected and distributed 2,676 coats. Last year they exceeded their goal of 3,000 with 5,256 collected and distributed.
This year, they’re aiming to collect more than 7,000 coats.


Mark Lewans
General Agent