December, 2017

Saskatchewan State had a total of 61 Parish Round Tables from approximately 158 (159) active Councils in 2016-17. Of these 61 Round Tables we have only had 9 report for the 2017-18 year leaving us 41 short for this period.

The Parish Round Table Program remains an easy and effective way for Knights to better serve their indi-vidual parishes, priests and to be the visible force for good in areas where full councils are not practical or available.

The Round Table Chairs are members of the spon-soring council, and may be members of that parish or act as representatives to that Parish from the Council.

In Saskatchewan we have between 350 and 462 communities with a church facility or a congregation with approximately 159 Councils and 61 Round Ta-bles to cover these locations.

Over the next number of years, it a hope that we can bring this up by reviewing the listing of the communi-ties and Churches in Saskatchewan to see if we can provide those communities without Knights of Colum-bus representation, access to a Round Table or where numbers are prevalent a full council.

Please forward to the appropriate Grand Knights to complete the following forms to ensure that we main-tain our existing Round Tables and give them the credit that they deserve. These reports are the

1. Annual Report, #2629 Due June 30 or each year (Mandatory)
2. The Report of Round Table Co-ordinator, #2630, due January 15 of each year and can be used to report on the activities of the Round Table and provides more detail about the community.

Al Dion, Round Table Chairman