CHARITY APPEAL - Report from Program Director Richard Colbow

Humboldt Council # 1886, in conjunction with their 100th anniversary, hosted the 2017 Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Charity Appeal Draw. A record $122,348 dollars was raised compared to $113,729 in 2016; $106,274 in 2015 and $105,189 in 2014. 2016 and 2017 recorded increased sales of 7.01% and 7.58%. The goal for 2018 is $130,000 which is a 6.25% in-crease over 2017.

As this report is paper based and going out to all Brother Knights I hope that everyone takes the time to read the recommen-dations for a successful campaign and directions for returning tickets.

Recommendations for a successful campaign

  • Before the end of March select a member to act as Charity Appeal chairman and decide as a council what local charities or projects you will be supporting with your rebate cheque. Food Bank and minor sports are two good projects that the whole community can support which will enhance the number of potential ticket buyers.
  • Pick up your tickets at convention. I will distribute the package of books and rebate cheques to your DDs. If you are unable to attend convention arrange with your DD to pick up. If you don't have a DD, hopefully a council from your District will pick up your package and get it to you. If you don't have your package by May 15 please contact me so that I can follow up on getting the package to you.
  • Upon receipt of package turn over the rebate cheque to the FS and give the Tally report and tickets to your Charity Appeal chairman. Start selling right away (I mean May 1 and not September 15) - get every able bodied Knight involved. I found that handing out books to Brother Knights before Mass is an easy way to distribute the books. Please get your Priest's permission before doing so. Remember that anyone can buy tickets; they don't have to be a Brother Knight or even Catholic.
  • Here are a few additional sales options. I'm sure you can come up with many more.
  • Be sure to distribute books to Brother Knights at council meetings.
  • make up a poster as to where rebate funds will go.
  • distribute tickets to Brother Knights places of business.
  • do ticket blitzes at shopping malls and grocery stores
  • set up a booth at trade shows and other community events
  • A reminder to the Charity Appeal chairman to use the top copy of the book as his control by recording the name and phone number of the person who has the book. Remember to complete and tear off the top copy when you hand out the book This way you know who has what books and can follow up if books are not returned. FYI - There were 280 lost books in 2017 and 733 unsold books. We need to reduce the number of lost books and turn them into sold books.
  • Once you sell all your books please contact me for more books. Remember that July and August are a good time to sell tickets.

Return of tickets

Gather all funds, sold and unsold tickets by date stated on page two of ticket books (this year it was October 11, 2017)

Turn all funds over to FS and obtain a cheque from the Council Treasurer for dollars sold. Make cheque payable to Intercoun-cil Charity Appeal. Do not send cash or personal cheques.

In order to complete the Tally Report you will need to count the number of books being return as follows - books completely sold, books partly sold and books completely unsold. This should add up to the number of books you received. If there is a difference you must record the book numbers of the missing books. If you have missing books please put all the books in nu-merical order so that I can easily verify. Complete the rest of the Tally report and sign. Be sure to indicate number of books for next year and to which charities your rebate will be going. If you would like an acknowledgement that I received your tick-ets please record an email address on the Tally Report.

Once you have accounted for all monies and books you are ready to prepare books for shipping

  • Please remove the second page from all completely sold books as well as the backing. Be careful not to remove any sold tickets.
  • If ticket stub has not been removed at time of selling please remove as well
  • bundle tickets in groups of 10 using elastic bands. If your council sells more than 100 books bundle in groups of 25. Do not use straps or tape to bundle.
  • Tickets can be shipped by Canada Post or by courier.
  • Tickets must be delivered to me at least two weeks before draw date.

There are certain rules that we must follow to comply with Sask. Liquor and Gaming and I really appreciate it when councils make my job easier. You should know that Alfreda and I spent over 100 hours in October 2017 verifying and getting ticket books ready for the Friday evening separation in Humboldt.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my Brother Knights for buying and selling our Charity Appeal tickets.

Have a very Merry CHRISTMAS and a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Richard and Alfreda Colbow
State Charity Appeal Program Director