New Features on our website

  1. Starting April 2, the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus are starting a program called Online Membership. To find out more information, click on the button on our main website that says “Join Us”. 


This would then link to our article on Online Membership. As well as some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). At the bottom of the article there is a final link that says: Become an Online Member Now! Which then takes you to the Supreme website where a potential candidate can sign up to be an Online Member.


  1. Starting March 29, the Saskatchewan Knightline (this newsletter) is available by email subscription. Please tell your council or assembly members, or your family (after all the newsletter is free for the public to view on our website anyway). 

Just enter your email address and click on submit. It really is that easy!



Fraternally, Peter Folk
Saskatchewan State Webmaster