Dear Grand Knights 
There are a number of you who have yet to be compliant with the safe environment program - please read the following document and take action immediately .

If you need assistance DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME - reminder you must call the toll free number before you begin the program to receive your password  and it will be emailed to you 
Larry State Advocate 

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Subject: Fw: Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program Info - State Advocates
Worthy State Advocates

As you know, beginning this fraternal year no council that is not compliant with the Order's Safe Environment Program will be eligible for any council awards - including the Star Council Award. Councils work hard to attain their membership and insurance member goals, and to conduct programs that make life better in their parish and community...we want them to be eligible to receive the recognition they've earned.

Below is valuable information from Lee Harper in our Office of Youth Protection on what we can do to help council leaders become and remain compliant. Please do what you can to help all grand knights, youth directors and Columbian Squires counselors understand what is required of them, and to comply with those requirements. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. I can work with Lee & her team to help individual youth leaders...I can help to motivate youth leaders to take the necessary steps...I can help you to secure the most current info on who is and is not compliant.

Let's work together to make sure that every youth leader in Canada is fully compliant with the Order's Safe Environment Program.

Happy Easter to you and your families. Vivat Jesus.


Robert J. Ennis, FICF
Director of Canada Growth - Directeur, croissance canadienne
Fraternal Mission Department - Departement de la mission fraternelle
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From: Lee A Harper/HomeOffice/KofC
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Date: 03/23/2018 09:59 AM
Subject: Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program Info - State Advocates

Hi Bob,

Here are the 4 paragraphs that we send the most often.

1. Here is info that we send to state leadership detailing how they can log in to view the compliance of their members.
Let me detail the instructions for you on how to access the reports so that you can run them any time you wish.

  • Log in to Praesidium's Armatus -   (You may wish to save this in your favorites for frequent access.)
  • Scroll to the bottom and you'll see the Armatus Administration link:
  • As you'll see, Praesidium has created a tutorial specifically for the Knights of Columbus. I would definitely recommend taking the time to view it.
  • Click Armatus Administration and you can run any report you wish.
  • I personally think that the most helpful report is the Current Course Status under the Organizations tab. You can run it and then click the Export to Excel(Transposed).
  • I find that adding filters to the spreadsheet is also very helpful.
    1. highlight row 1 (headers)
    2. chose the home tab
    3. chose the sort & filter option of the editing function and
    4. click on the filter
  • You'll then be able to sort and search much more easily.

2. Here is the info that we send to members on how to log into Armatus:

To access Praesidium's Armatusonline training platform, please follow these instructions: 

1.     Click, or go to and click the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program tab on the right side of the page. 
2.     Enter your login and password, and click submit.  Your login is personalized just for you. Do not share your login information with anyone else.

· Your username is: member number and member's last name all together
· Your password is: kofcsafe

3.     Please note: the first time you log in you will be required to change your password, and answer security questions for password retrieval in the event that you forget it. 
4.     The Knights of Columbus home page is displayed with the required courses listed as scroll down the screen. 
5.     To begin a course, click the icon or the title of the course

If you have administrative privileges, you will also be able to access the Administrative Module and an Administrative Module tutorial. 
If you have any questions about why you received this email, please consult the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program Frequently Asked Questions by visiting and clicking the “Support Materials” button or contact the Knights of Columbus at 1-800-380-9995 or 203-800-4940. You may also contact our office via email at If you experience any technical difficulties while accessing the online training courses, please contact Armatus Support at 1-800-743-6354, Monday-Friday, 8-5 p.m. CST. You may also email at any time. 

3. Here is the background check packet for our members in Canada:

(See attached file: Canada Background Check Packet (Fr) 12-01-2017.doc)(See attached file: KOC Canada Packet v11282017.pdf)

4. Here is how youth directors, council squire chairmen and counselors can be reappointed if they've been removed for non-compliance:

To be reappointed, the grand knight or financial secretary may log on to to enter the member's name into the appropriate form online.

Alternatively, the grand knight or financial secretary may submit the member’s name on an updated form 365 (youth director or council squire chairman) or form 468 (chief or adult counselor). 

(See attached file: Form 365 - Youth Directors.pdf)     (See attached file: officer_report468_p.pdf)

Forms should be sent to: Fax: (203)752-4108 or Email:


Lee Ann Harper
Office of Youth Protection Manager
1 Columbus Plaza
New Haven, CT 06510-3326
(203) 752-4640
(855) 845-3502 (fax)



Download more information

1. Form 365 - Youth Directors
2. KOC Canada Packet - English
3. KOC Canada Packet - French
4. Squire Officers Report Form 468