Online Membership is now available for you to utilize as an aid to recruit eligible Catholic Men. Where in the past, a week or two (sometimes a month) can pass before the Form 100 is signed and sent off to Supreme. Now thanks to Online Membership, that time frame is cut to just 5 short minutes! Through a laptop, tablet or your smartphone, you can bring the benefits of membership to Catholic Men to become better fathers and husbands and to better protect their families. Helping them to network with other Catholic Men and give them access to spiritual resources to aid them in their Christian Life!


A couple of things to take note about Online Membership:

  • Does not change requirements for membership. Membership in the Knights of Columbus remains open to practical Catholic men at least eighteen years of age.
  • Does not eliminate degrees. Men who join online are non-degree members. Once they are ready to convert to a local council, they are required to take the first degree.
  • Does not eliminate councils. The goal of online membership is to form men for committed, lifelong and council based membership in the Knights of Columbus. In fact, Online Membership creates a pool of recruits available for direct engagement by local councils.
  • Does not eliminate dues. Online Members are required to pay $30 annual dues.
  • Does not create a new class or type of member. Online Members are members of the Knights of Columbus. They are non-degree members, and they do not belong to local councils, but they are not provisional or partial members.


Remember: Online Membership is not in competition with council-recruitment, and can be a great tool for councils to use. When a man joins the Order online, he can convert to council-based membership as soon as he'd like, provided that he goes through the admissions committee and degree process. When he does convert, he will retain all of the benefits he enjoyed in the online membership initiative, the council will receive credit for him as if he were a new member, and the council will receive a dues adjustment. It's a win-win!


Our Challenge to you: Find someone you know who may not “have enough time” and ask them to consider online membership, you will be surprised how many will take the next step and become council active members!


Thank you to all for your work, your continued leadership and for ensuring that the Order continues to provide for Catholic men and their families!




                PLEASE NOTE: Do not sign up through the online membership initiative. This is a tool for non-members to join, not for existing members. This may change later, we will keep you updated!


VIVAT JESUS!