The new "Faith in Action" service program which replaces “Surge with Service” begins July 1st, 2018.  All District Deputies, State Program Directors, Grand Knights, and Financial Secretaries are asked to become familiar with the new changes.  Please click on the link below for complete information about the new “Faith in Action” as we know it today

Grand Knights are asked to inform their council members about the new changes at their May  or June council meeting.

Council Directors should  be appointed to reflect the new changes. Form 185 (Report of Council officers) needs to be submitted to Supreme, the SD, and DD by June 30th, 2018 and form 365 (report of council service personnel) needs to be submitted to Supreme, the SD and DD by August 1st, 2018.  Both forms have been updated and can be accessed through member management on the Supreme



FAITH IN ACTION SERVICE PROGRAM--new starting July 1st/18
State General Program Director--Eugene Achtemichuk

FAITH-- Director--Paul Ponak -
Bold--Feature Programs
Into the Breach- Paul Ponak
Marion Icon Prayer Program--Chairman--Mike Bzdell
CIS Domestic Church Kiosk and Series- Paul Ponak
Rosary Program- Paul Ponak
Spiritual Reflection Program- Paul Ponak
Holy Hour- Paul Ponak
Sacramental Gifts- Paul Ponak
Spiritual Enrichment Chairman--John Benesh
Priests’ Sports Day Chairman- Mike Bzdell- for this year’s Priest’s Sports Days
*next year—working to get someone from Humboldt or Muenster
RSVP and Vocations Promotion Chairman--Greg Dozorec
Evangelization Chairman—Don Pion
Domestic Church Couple—Eugene and Brenda Achtemichuk

COMMUNITY--Director-- Dale Meier
Bold—Feature Programs
Coats for Kids—Darren Spelay
Wheel Chair Foundation--Shawn Scherr
Habitat for Humanity—still lookimg for an activity chaiman
Disaster Response- Dale Meier
Free Throw Championship—Niven Halyk
Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest—Jonathan Corchene
Soccer Challenge— still looking for a Chairman for this activity
Design Against Drugs Poster Contest—Kevin Rutt
Homeless Assistance- Dale Meier
Celebrity Dinner--Gary Maier
Madd Golf Tournament--Kerry Swallow
Youth Parliament—Young Adults Committee members


FAMILY--Director- Ron Denis
Bold- Feature Programs
Food for Families—Ron Denis
Family of the month/year—Tony Dakinewich
Keep Christ in Christmas(Poster Contest, Posada, Nativity Scenes)--Aldin Abayon
Family Fully Alive- Ron Denis
Family Week- Ron Denis
Consecration to the Holy Family- Ron Denis
Family Prayer Night- Ron Denis
Good Friday Family Promotion- Ron Denis

LIFE—Director--Gerald Wiegers
Bold- Feature Programs
Marches for Life--- Gerald Wiegers
Special Olympics Chairman--Terry Shalley
Christian Refugee Relief- Gerald Wiegers
Silver Rose Chairman- Wayne Exner
Mass for People with Special Needs—Gerald Wiegers
Pregnancy Center Support- Gerald Wiegerrs
Novena for Life- Gerald Wiegers

State Membership Director--James Nestman
Online Membership Chairman--Adam Desa
Council Reactivation/Merger Chairman--Brian Schatz, IPSD
Retention Chairman-Jim Stoffel until a replacement is appointed by Dec. 1st
Roundtable Chairman--Al Dion
New Council Development Chairman—Agnel George
Insurance Promotion Chairman--Mark Lewans
Cultural Diversity Chairman--Marty Clemente Nogot and committee members
Aldin Abayon, Agnel George
Cluster Membership and Program Assistant:
Saskatoon Central-
Regina South East--Dan W. Devers
Battlefords Northwest--Wes Dombroski
Prince Albert Northeast-- *Still searchng for knights for 4 clusters.
Yorkton East Central--
Moose Jaw/South Central/Southwest


State Ceremonials Director--Denis Carignan, PSD, Field Director Ceremonials Canada
Formation Degree Teams: Fraternal Charge
Saskatoon--Randy Kary Marty Schneider
--Marte Clemente Nogot Denis Carignan
North Battleford--Hal Robinson Ric Devon
Conferring Officers:
Denis Carignan
Ric Devon
Gerry Gieni

**All communication items will first be approved by the SD.
PR and Communications Committee Chairman-- Paul Taillon
Newsletter/Bulletin Editor--Gus Janczyszyn
Social Media--Kevin Kanawati
Webmaster--Peter Folk

State Events Chairman--Joseph Riffel
State Protocol--State Officers
Forms Administrator--Norm Magnin
Father McGivney Guild—Jim Stoffel
Survey Chairman--Glen Hauser
Catholic Connections Committee--Brian Schatz- IPSD
Charity Appeal Chairman-- Richard Colbow

YOUNG ADULTS COMMITTEE:-- Brad Lulik (15955), Patrick Malone- (10580), Garrett Francais (5626), Colin Aikens-3802?, Joe Ball- 1731, Jonathan

Thank you to each of you for your willingness to serve our Order: