Faith Program Director Report

“The method that speaks strongest of Christ is Love. As Knights, we should be prepared to let charity be our measure of the new evangelization. In this way, we can truly promote a ‘charity that evangelizes’”Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight

This quote is taken from the December section of the Fraternal Leader Success Planner. Supreme Knight Anderson emphasizes ‘charity’ as a measure of what we do. Of course, as you all know, charity is the first & foremost principle of our Order. As Knights then, the virtue of charity is part of our DNA!

Sacramental Gifts – is one of the new programs in the Faith area of the Faith in Action model. All of your Parishes offer the sacraments to your members – baptism, confirmation, marriage. Encourage you to speak with your Pastor, or the person he puts you in-touch with, to see what your sacramental schedule may be. Order your kits (gifts) in sufficient quantity to provide to those involved. They will be thankful & appreciative.

As a reminder, after any/all of your Council’s activities it is important to submit your reports. As SGPD Eugene has informed, Supreme has created new reporting forms. Form # 10784 – Fraternal Programs Report Form – lets you report on any of the programs your Council conducts.

We are now very near the end of the Church’s Ordinary year and we enter the Advent & Christmas season. From Rose & I we extend our wishes for wonderful Christmas season. May Peace & Joy accompany you and your families! Stay safe out there.

Paul Ponak
Director Faith Program