July, 2018


How Time Flies!!!! That was the start of an email message I received from a very good friend and mentor on June 30th. I also saw a Facebook post on July 1st from another good friend and mentor in reply to Lois’ posting of a picture of us golfing on the first day of my term as the Immediate Past State Deputy – “Didn’t Brian have dark hair when he came on the Board?”

Yes indeed – both true statements. And as always, “All good things come to an end”. At least all earthly good things come to an end.

My term as Saskatchewan State Deputy has come to an end. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Absolutely no regrets. Would I change anything? Most likely. I’d tweak here and there, but that’s only because I’ve learned so much from all of you – the State Officers, our team of District Deputies, Program Directors and Council GKs/leaders.

On behalf of our Saskatchewan State Team – State Chaplain Bishop Bryan, State Officers, District Deputies and Pro-gram Directors – THANK YOU!!!!

In a world that so desperately needs us, you continue to step up to do good in our parishes, communities and province. The Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus continues to do such excellent good work that is a magnet to others “attracting others to join with us”. We have done excellent work together in Church, Community, Council, Culture of Live, Family, Young Adults and Youth program activities. And we will continue that great work in our new “Faith in Action” Service Model in the areas of Faith, Community, Family and Life.

By those good works we will continue to attract new members to support those programs and build leadership capacity to point the direction of the Council, District and State for many, many years to come. This past year, while we didn’t hit all our targets, it was just one more example of where Councils were part of our entire State Team recruiting at least one new member during the year; achieving one Star Council per District and achieving one Star District per Cluster. And we did hit our State membership intake target – with a special thanks to State Membership Director James Nestmann and his entire Membership Team.

Your commitment and unselfish love of God and neighbour have made us a family of Councils sharing love, joy and hope. And will become the light of the Lord being impressed upon us by new State Deputy Chris.

Lois and I look forward to serving the Knights and our Catholic Church in Saskatchewan for many years to come. And we know that when our paths cross again we will make the effort and take the time to enjoy the opportunity, recalling and reminiscing about the very, very good times we shared during these past two years.

As another good friend and mentor is so fond of saying – “I am a Who”. Now it is my turn to join them and become a “Who”.

May God Bless you with all the talent, time and treasure to be the good stewards of your families, parishes, communities and province that God intended you to be as lights of the Lord.

Brian Schatz
Immediate Past State Deputy