Father Michael J. McGivney Guild

Father McGivney’s style was more then simply energetic. He was innovative and in so many ways ingenious , so much that Benedict XVI mentioned him as a key figure in the historic growth of the Church in 19th-century America. In a homily in New York’s St Patrick’s Cathedral in 2008, Pope Benedict noted “ the remarkable accomplishment of that exemplary American priest,the Venerable Michael McGivney whose vision and zeal led to the establishment of the Knights of Columbus.”

Father McGivney’s virtue was not of the cloister or the mountain top . It was in the perpetual problems and struggles of his parishioners that Father McGivney lived out the virtues of faith,hope and charity in a truly heroic manner ,as part of his deeply spiritual yet supremely practical vision. In late 19th-century Connecticut, Catholics were not welcome into the main-stream society and often took the most difficult and dangerous jobs in factories ,construction and railroads.

The result was that a family’s breadwinner too often died young of overwork or accident ,leaving behind a widow and children who had a few means of financial support.

As a parish priest ,Father McGivney was fully immersed in the daily lives ,difficult as they were,of his immigrant parishoners. Father McGivneys life and legacy can be summed up in the simple words “Parish Priest “the title of his official biography.Rather then grand plans and gestures ,he thrived on humility by drawing others into his work rather then taking credit him-self.

I invite all Knights of Columbus members to join the Guild on line at http:www.fathermcgivney.org/mcg/en/contact/register.html and also say the prayer for his canonization which is also located at this same web-site at the bottom of the page.

Vivat Jesus
Jim Stoffel
Father McGivney Guild Director