SK State Community Director’s
Knightline Report
September 2018

The Community Program under the new Faith in Action model encompasses 8 different programs. Several are the same programs that councils have been involved in previous years and a few are new. All of the programs allow our Brother Knights to live out their faith in a concrete way. Just a few remarks on some of the different programs.

Coats for Kids should be on councils to do lists now. The weather is increasingly getting colder faster and young people need to be kept warm. Please contact the Coats for Kids program director if you re-quire assistance.

Helping Hands is new. It is a required program to be completed by councils for their Columbian Award. Some examples of ideas for the Helping Hands program include working at a food bank, local soup kitchen, holding drives for specific supplies.

Soccer Challenge is well under way now. Bro. Cody Geiger has sent out reminders about this program already.

Basketball Freethrow is another youth program that will be coming up in the new year. Please watch for reminders about this activity.

Disaster Response is a really new category and Bro. Kevin Kanawati has taken on this program as Chairman. Kevin has quite a bit of experience in disaster response and more information will be forthcoming.

Please take note of the other different programs and their chairmen listed below – that fall under the Community directorship. If you have questions please fell free to contact them or myself and if we don’t have the answers we’ll get them for you.
Thank you for taking on these programs for the good of our parishes and our communities.


Chairmen are:
Disaster Response – Kevin Kanawati…E: 
Helping Hands – Dale Meier…E:  R: 306-374-9160
Celebrity Dinner – Gary Maier… R: 306-374-5006 E: 
Coats For Kids – Dave Spelay email-- 
Phone 782-5320
Wheel Chair Foundation – Shawn Scherr….. R: 306-249-1362 C: 306-222-9549 E: 
Habitat For Humanity – Rejean Houle……R: 306-641-5430 E: 
Free Throw Championship – Kevin Rutt Email- 
Phone- 240-6661
Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest -Jonathan Corchene… E: 
Design Against Drugs Poster Contest -Kevin Rutt— R: 306-240-6661 E: 
MADD Golf Tournament – Kerry Swallow … R: 306-929-2971 C: 306-981-5003 E: 
Soccer Challenge – Cody Geiger …E: 


Thank you.
Vivat Jesus!
Dale Meier