Soccer Challenge should be happening once school starts after the September long weekend.  

Have your council’s Community Director or Soccer Challenge Chairman contact schools in your districts to get their participation.  To order the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge kit (#SC-Kit) use the order form on page 3 of the Council Report Forms Booklet (#1436). Complete and submit the form to the Department of Fraternal Services, 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510-3326; Telephone: (203)752-4016; Fax: (203)752-4108. This kit can also be ordered online at You can also download the K of C soccer guide at

The address on is Please check this site for additional instructions, form links and an action list.

As stated in the guide, as well as the online site, your winners' entry forms should be forwarded to the organizer of the next level of competition; your district, then the district to regional (cluster). If there is no other councils participating in the district or region, please forward your council's winners to me for the state competition.

When you do your regional competition (or council if no district or regional competition) – be sure to have your winners kick off state kicks as well.  And email me your results soon thereafter. Please email me your score sheet results of your state scores.  I need to have all the information on the entry form of the participants.  This is needed to determine the State winners and to forward results for the International competition. State winner information needs to be off to Supreme by mid December.

My email address is:

Councils that are participating in the soccer challenge should complete the participation report (form 4567) and send copies to those listed as well as myself (so I can report on numbers participating).

District Deputies:  Please note – if your district is doing a district competition – you can order medals free of charge by calling 203-752-4016.

I will be sending out more emails in the future as reminders, as well don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you cannot find an answer to.


Vivat Jesus!

SK Cody Geiger

State Soccer Challenge Chairman