State Trainer Report
Bob Barkman, PSD

Brother Knights,
I would like to thank State Deputy Chris for putting his confidence in me to be the State Trainer.

This being a new portfolio it is very challenging and requires a lot of research and development to train various Knight in their roles within their council. I look forward to serving in this capacity and I only hope you will get to learn more about the different roles within the Knights of Columbus.

I would like to give you a brief overview of some of the leadership training Brother Chris has asked me to do.


  1. Training of Council officers is one area in which all can gain some insight. I will explain in detail all officers’ positions as well as how to conduct a council meeting.
  2. Protocol is also very important and again I can train all in the proper protocol as prescribed by the Supreme Council.
  3. Training on various Program Directors Roles and responsibilities.
  4. Financial Secretary Roles and responsibilities

These are but a few of the training items that I am prepared to do for your council. I will work with your District Deputy, so we could set up a date, time and location to hold these training sessions. Depending on questions and discussion these should not take more than 90 minutes.


To arrange for any of these Leadership Training Sessions, I ask that you contact your District Deputy, State Deputy Chris Bencharski or myself.

Please note I will be away for the next few weeks so please leave a message or email me at: or leave a message at 306-230-1470. I will return your messages by October 15, 2018

Training videos are also available on line at: Resources: Fraternal Leader Training Webinars


Bob Barkman, PSD
State Trainer