As the State Ceremonial Coordinator for Saskatchewan, it is my responsibility to provide you with information that will facilitate, coordinate, and promote ceremonials in our province.

Admission degrees are the responsibility of each council’s Grand Knight. He is asked to schedule frequent admission degrees and to post them on the State website. The admission degree may be presented in the following ways:

  1. By a First Degree Team who is able to deliver the degree from memory. (There are a few such teams in Saskatchewan. There should be at least one such team in each district.)
  2. By the receiving council’s First Degree Team who would read (or deliver from memory) the lessons in a convincing and impressive manner.
  3. By using the First Degree video. Please note that this also requires preparation.


It is very important to remember that the admission degree is the candidate’s introduction to the Order and to your council. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. The ceremonials are meaningful and the language is powerful, thought provoking and beautiful. It is then up to the members of the degree teams to bring out the power and beauty of those lessons.

The Formation Degree is the responsibility of the District Deputy. He is asked to schedule frequent Formation Degrees in his district and to post them on the State website. In Saskatchewan, there are three Formation Teams:

  1. The Saskatoon Formation Team: Ceremonial Staff Coordinator (CSC) – Marty Nogot
  2. The Regina Formation Team: Ceremonial Staff Coordinator (CSC) – Paul Ponak
  3. The North Battleford Team: Ceremonial Staff Coordinator (CSC) – Hal Robinson


We need more Formation Teams. I encourage any individual who would be interested in taking a part in the For-mation Degree to contact me. I will provide the necessary information and assistance to prepare individuals and/or entire teams.

Knighthood Degrees are the shared responsibility of the State Ceremonial Coordinator, the State Deputy, and the District Deputy.


  • The District Deputy requests permission to host a Knighthood Degree in his district. He would complete the Form SK. 01 and send it to the State Ceremonial Coordinator. This Form is now available on the State website.
  • The State Ceremonial Coordinator (SCC) in consultation with the State Deputy, would assign a Conferring Officer and, if a Formation Degree was being planned for the same day, would assign a Formation Degree Team.
  • The SCC would then send a “Letter of Approval to host a Knighthood Degree” to the following individuals:
    • The State Deputy
    • The State Office
    • Supreme Ceremonials (Gary Nolan)
    • The host District Deputy
    • The host Grand Knight
    • The Conferring Officer
    • The Formation Degree Team Coordinator (if applicable)


The Letter of Approval would provide the following information:

  • The date, time, location, and host council for the degree.
  • The name of the CO and, if applicable, the CSC and their contact information.
  • A list of duties and protocol to be followed by the host District Deputy and host Grand Knight.


The SK. 01 Form is now on our State website. If you need any assistance completing this form or need additional information, please contact me by phone or email. Other Ceremonial forms will also be available on the website. I will explain those forms to you in the next newsletter as I feel you’ve had enough information to process for now.

Thanks to Brother Peter Folk who helped me prepare these forms and to format them so that they could be completed and sent electronically.

My hope is that, through our impressive ceremonials and our good works, we attract and retain many new members and their families to our Order. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Vivat Jesus
Denis A.F. Carignan
State Ceremonials Director