Greeting Bro. Knights,


Again we are here to celebrate Christmas.


We eagerly wait for this great occasion every year. It is one of the happiest and enjoyable festivals of the winter season. Because Christmas is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ every December 25th. Jesus also called Jesus of Nazareth and he has been the central figure of Christianity for years. He come on earth to support his people however crucified for the sins of his own people. Jesus was the son of god having unique significance and took birth from the Holy Spirit a virgin woman named Mary. He was one of the important prophets of god and messiah for innocent people.


In order to pay honor and remember the Jesus Christ for all his great work we celebrate Christmas with love - all over the world by both Christian and non-Christian people alike.


No matter what we are, love are critical to our existence as human beings because god created us to always have relationship w/ others and him.


Again we’ll be going into new year with strength, to build on our accomplishment and to consolidate ourselves in helping and to love one another. The time of joy, the time of giving and time of love is in our hearts always.


Merry Christmas to all… Vivat Jesus!


SK Marte Clemente Nogot
State Cultural Diversity Chairman
Cell # 1.306.880.1397