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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Starting at 3:00 pm

Event Location
Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul
One Cathedral Square
Providence, RI  02909 US

Contact Information
Name: Bob Moniz



On December 9th at 3:00pm at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Bishop Tobin’s “KEEP THE HEAT ON” Concert will be held.

The Gregorian Concert Choir (the Cathedral Choir) and the Festival Orchestra will be performing Sacred Christmas music under the direction of Rev. Monsignor Anthony Mancini and Phillip Faraone Cathedral Organist.
In the past, the Rhode Island State Council has been a promoter of Christmas concerts of one form or another. Again this year, our Worthy State Deputy Mike Dziok, would like that the Knights be a participant in the “Keep the Heat On” program.

I know Christmas is still a couple of months away, and I know that Councils need to receive approval from their membership to be able to make a donation. With all that said, I hope ALL Councils participate, what a WONDERFUL way to celebrate the Christmas season in your BEAUTIFUL Cathedral and GREAT music.

As chairman of this event, I know that many of our Councils help fund the “Keep the Heat On “program through their Councils but again this year our State Deputy is asking that the Councils send their donations to my home address instead of the Diocese. Please note: if a Council wishes to send their donation directly to the Diocese that’s fine but said Council will not receive any tickets to the Concert. All money realized go to the same account at the Diocese, but I feel that the Knights of Columbus will receive more credit by totaling all the funds and presenting the total amount raised to Monsignor Mancini, which he in turn will personally present to Bishop Tobin.

Councils who send me a check will have their Council’s name appear in the program distributed at the Christmas Concert. I will not send out tickets to any Council which has not sent me their donation, there is just too much confusion. Brothers, this may seem be harsh to some, and I’m sorry but doing it this way will alleviate duplications and a lot of excess running around.


Please make your check out to Diocese of Providence and in the memo line write Keep the Heat On and then send the check to my home address which is Robert J. Moniz 242 Widow Sweets Rd. Exeter, R.I. 02822. In order to have the Councils name printed in the program I need to have your info by December 2nd.

While speaking to the Cathedrals’ Rector, Monsignor Anthony Mancini who also is the Music Director for the Cathedral, I mentioned to him that this year the Knights again would like to support this most worthwhile mission.

Whatever amount the Council wishes to donate to the fund, they in turn will receive the donation amount back in the form of tickets to the Concert. The price of the tickets are $10.00 each. In other words if a Council wishes to donate $400.00, said Council will receive from the Diocese 40 tickets for their Council to distribute to their members or if they wish they can give some or all the tickets to their pastor/pastors to distribute to parishioners who may wish to attend this concert but may not able to for financial reasons or just a Thank You from their Pastor for doing good works in their parishes.

I think this would be a good way to show support to our church and our pastors while helping to promote “Our Faith in Action”.

If you need further information, you can call me at 401-439-0581 or e-mail me at

I will post on the State website the Diocesan flyer when I receive it. COME AND CELEBRATE THE HOLY SEASON OF CHRISTMAS WITH MUSIC!!

Thank You for your support,
Bob Moniz
District Deputy