I want you to join the Knights of Columbus!
“the fraternal spirit inculcated by Father Michael McGivney and the first Knights of Columbus continues to be fruitful in the numerous charitable activities of the local councils, which, while meeting the needs of individuals, also build up communities in solidarity and concern for the common good.” - Pope Francis

Charles Faust Award winner SK D. Thurman

KOFC St. Pius Ushers

Left to Right, Sr. Knights DGK Joe, D.,His Most Reverend Excellency, R. Daniel Conlon, Bishop of Joliet, PGK Marco, D., PGK Ray

St. Pius X St. Joseph's Table Honor Guard Procession

Left to Right, Sr. Knights GK Dennis, DGK Joe, PGK Marco, D., PGK Albert, PGK and FS Paul

Sir Knights observing the blessing of the St. Joseph's Table and food.

St. Pius X St. Joseph's Table

Members of Fr. Boecker Council present a check to the St. Pius X SPREAD program.


SPRED assists persons with developmental disabilities to become integrated into parish assemblies of worship through religious education.

Free Throw Youth Event 2016
Brothers John, Joe, front
Brothers D., Chris, and Fred, back

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest Winners

2015 Keep Christ in Christmas State of Illinois Winner
Sir Knights Paul, Joe, Dennis, and Albert present trophy to State winner

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest 2016
Poster Judging

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest 2016
Brother Knights Fred and Kevin with a volunteer judge.

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest 2016
Poster Judging

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest 2016
Poster Judging

Spooktackular Fall 2015
Brothers D and Dan

Brothers Mark, Kevin, and Fred following a council meeting.

Council Christmas Party 2015

Free throw Participants

Example Frame

Council Announcements

Most Reverend R. Daniel Conlon

My Brothers in Christ,                                                                                                    

Catholic men are called to a life of loving service as disciples of Christ. We are called to care for our families, to attend to the poor and to defend those in need, especially the weakest among us. A wonderful opportunity exists for Catholic men to answer this call to serve by becoming members of the Knights of Columbus.

The Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882, by the Fr. Michael J. McGivney, a diocesan parish priest who had a vision of an organization which would provide Catholic men the opportunity to live their faith through charitable works while at the same time protecting their families through a fraternal benefits society.

Each year, this organization of Catholic men collectively donates millions in dollars and hours to charity while offering members access to insurance benefits for their families. In addition members have the opportunity build up the church, promote a culture of life, support vocations and develop leadership skills while sharing a fraternal brotherhood with men of similar values.

As a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus myself, I have personally witnessed the outstanding work that these men have accomplished in our diocese. However, there is still much work which needs to done in the name of charity.
I strongly encourage each man in this diocese who is a practicing Catholic to consider joining the Knights of Columbus. Please take time to visit with them. It will make a great difference in your life.

You will all continue to be in my prayers.

May God bless you.

Most Reverend R. Daniel Conlon
Bishop of Joliet





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