March 2019

Fred Curtis

We are so lucky to have Fred in charge of finances for the council. Super smart and well-organized.

February 2019

Carlo Cueto

Awesome job helping with the Super Bowl Cook!!!

February 2019

Ronnie Cook

Awesome job helping with the Super Bowl Cook!!!

January 2019

Tom Stelmar

We are probably months away from witnessing something nobody has seen before nor will anyone probably reach again...1000 is on the horizon.

December 2018

Chris Rollins

Chris Rollins put in countless hours in December between the Christmas Raffle sales and cooking for the Christmas party. This man needs a break...oh wait...Super Bowl Pre-Sales are around the corner. Maybe a break sometime in the spring worthy Deputy Grand Knight.

November 2018

Andrew Clark

Andrew did an OUTSTANDING job leading the Garage Sale. We more than doubled our budgeted amount. We are looking forward to him leading the Tamale Sales over the next several weeks.

October 2018

Billy Cernosek

Billy is always willing to pitch and do what needs to be done. We thank him for his dedication to service.

September 2018

Tom Tucker

What a great start for our new brother. He is leading the way with our new veteran program.

August 2018

Frank Matesz

Frank was honored with being the Knight of the Month for August. His hard work and dedication to our last cook was phenomenal.

July 2018

Richard Ford

Lots of hard work from our new Brother Richard Ford during our Blood Drive and Breakfast.

July 2018

Richard Ford

Lots of hard work and dedication coming from our new Brother Knight, Richard Ford.

June 2018

Dr Terry Wickman

Congratulations to Dr Terry Wickman for showing outstanding service and dedication.

May 2018

Jose Santiago

Jose Santiago is one our hardest working Knights. Thank you for doing all that you do for our parish and council.

April 2018

Tom & Andrew Clark

Two of our biggest pro-life champions!!! Congratulations on the much-deserved recognition.

March 2018

Billy Cernosek

Congratulations to our March Knight of the Month - Billy Cernosek for outstanding service during the Lenten dinners. Nobody can cook fries like Billy.

February 2018

Randy Taylor

Congratulations to Randy Taylor on the honor of being the Knight of the Month for February. He did a great job helping with the Super Bowl Cook. Way to go!!!

January 2018

Danny Matous

Our January Knight of the Month is Danny Matous. He did an outstanding job with coordinating our Christmas party! A special thanks to his lovely family for helping as well.

December 2017

Alex Lao

Congratulations to Alex Lao for leading our Christmas Raffle this year. Another successful project. Alex is our December Knight of the Month.

November 2017

Eli Rivera

New brother Elias “Eli” Rivera was chosen Knight of the Month for November for his outstanding help with the HS Chicken Cook. Eli came out to help every day (start to finish) and still took time to obtain his major degree in between helping with the cook. Outstanding!

October 2017

Reg Platt

The very worthy Reg Platt receiving a much deserved award for his service and dedication. Reg stands for everything it means to be a Knight. He is one of the most selfless and giving members we have. He is also a champion for Pro-Life. Way to go Reg!!!

September 2017

Tom Harman

Tom just joined our council and already stepped up and volunteered to say the rosary before mass. We are very excited that he is a part of our council now.

April 2017

Donald Nemec

Donald made a cash donation for the assistance of a Knight in need, and also donated three pre-paid phone cards for military service members serving in Afghanistan.

February 2017

TJ Knight

TJ did an outstanding job of organizing and managing the distribution of Superbowl BBQ. Sir Knight Ronnie Waldie presented the Knight of the Month certificate to TJ during the February meeting.

July 2016

Jack Towers

February 2016

Ronnie Waldie

Super Bowl BBQ!

February 2016

Matt Rosales

Super Bowl BBQ

January 2016

Ronnie Waldie

January 2016

Bill Brandon

January 2016

Mike Malone

December 2015

Chris Rollins

Christmas Raffle

December 2015

Chris Fowler

Christmas Raffle

November 2015

Ronnie Waldie

Holy Smokers support for Council Retreat

October 2015

Richard Gehring

Richard has been our hard-working Financial Secretary for two terms.

September 2015

Richard Sesbino

Richard was chosen in recognition for his work with the youth of the parish.

August 2015

Bill Cernosek

Knights at the Rodeo, August 2015

July 2015

Jerry Mammarelli

For outstanding Officer Installation dinner!

June 2015

Bill Brandon

For organizing the Knights at the Ballpark event 2015

May 2015

Mike Courtney

For organizing the 2015 Golf Tournament and recruiting golfers.

April 2015

Danny Matous

For retention efforts

February 2015

Ronnie Waldie and Matt Rosales

Outstanding leadership and support for the Superbowl BBQ!

February 2015

Ronnie Waldie Matt Rosales

Outstanding leadership and organization for the SuperBowl BBQ!

January 2015

Danny Matous and Philip Rangel

Danny Matous -- Blood drive
Philip Rangel -- Coat drive

December 2014

Jeff Muessig

For all his work on projects this year, and especially for chairing the Christmas Raffle.

November 2014

Reg Platt and Chris Rollins

Reg Platt - 40 Days for Life

Chris Rollins - Family Bowling Knight

October 2014

Tom Clark

Hike for Life

September 2014

Ronnie Waldie

September 2014 Knight of the Month is Membership Director SK Ronnie Waldie.

August 2014

Bill Cernosek

Billy coordinated both the annual trip to the Rangers Game in July, and our first Knights at the Rodeo in August. For his outstanding service to the Council and our families, Bill Cernosek is our Knight of the Month for August, 2014!

(Bill was unable to attend the meeting, but we look forward to seeing him at the September meeting, his health permitting.)

July 2014

Jerry Mammarelli

For the Blood Drive breakfast July 2014 (and all the countless hours he has spent in the kitchen supporting Council events)

June 2014

Rick Rush

Golf Tournament work

May 2014

Chris Salinas

Ben E Keith and donations - 2 Wheelchairs!

April 2014

Fred Curtis

Work with the youth

March 2014

Ronnie Waldie

Membership Drive

February 2014

Mike Malone

Parish Coat Drive

February 2014

Philip Rangel

Parish Coat Drive

January 2014

Jeff Muessig

Knight of the month for January 2014 for his successful work on the Christmas Raffle

December 2013

Chris Fowler

December Knight of the Month

November 2013

Tom Clark

Step up in council activities, Pro Life, Coats for Kids, Food Pantry, Wheelchair Mission

October 2013

Pro-Life Committee

Pro-Life activities in October

September 2013

Chris Rollins

Family Event - September 2013

August 2013

Bob Fries

Council Website

July 2013

Andrew Clark

Organization and work with the Squires Circle