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Annual Dues are Due

Annual Dues

Annual Dues cover July 1 – June 30, the KofC Fraternal year.

Council Dues:

$42.65 - Regular Member (Dues + Optional Assessment)

$24.65 - Junior Member (Dues + Optional Assessment)

$15.15 - Honorary Member (Dues + Optional Assessment)

$36.00 - Regular Member (Dues Only)

$18.00 - Junior Member (Dues Only)

$  8.50 - Honorary Member (Dues Only)


The Council incurs Special Assessments for each member:

$3.65 - Fr. Ed Fund which helps the Vocation Programs in the Arlington, Richmond and Military Dioceses

$2.00 - Culture of Life assessed by Supreme

$1.00 - VKCCI (Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity Incorporated) which helps all citizens of the Commonwealth with one-time financial assistance

Total Assessments per person - $6.65

* Adding the optional payment of $6.65 to your dues payment helps relieve the Councils obligation to pay the assessments.  Otherwise, the assessment payment comes out of the general operating fund, which we use to support our charitable endeavors.


Pay your dues now with PayPal

Dues Payment



If you choose to pay with PayPal you will also be paying the 2.9% + $0.30 PayPal fees for each transaction.

Below is the total cost for the convenience of PayPal

$44.23 - Regular Member (Dues + Optional Assessment + PayPal fee)

$25.70 - Junior Member (Dues + Optional Assessment + PayPal fee)

$15.91 - Honorary Member (Dues + Optional Assessment + PayPal fee)

$37.38 - Regular Member (Dues Only + PayPal fee)

$19.36 - Junior Member (Dues Only + PayPal fee)

$  9.06 - Honorary Member  (Dues Only + PayPal fee)


You are also welcome to pay your dues at any meeting or by mailing a check to our Financial Secretary:

Mike McEntee, Financial Secretary
1425 Cobble Scott Way
Chesapeake, VA 23322